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MegaSPEED Web Accelerator for Windows - Quick Installation

  1. Download MegaSpeed to your desktop.
  2. Install the program by double-clicking on the "Megaspeed.exe" icon on your desktop. Follow the instructions on your screen.

  3. Starting MegaSpeed - MegaSpeed starts automatically when you turn on your computer. The acceleration will begin as soon as a supported browser (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape) or email program (such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora) is launched. On some Windows versions a bubble icon will appear when the MegaSpeed service has been established. In other versions, you can verify that the MegaSpeed service is enabled by hovering over the MegaSpeed tray icon. If the program is functioning, you should see the message "MegaSpeed Accelerator Enabled...

  4. Using MegaSpeed - Browse the Web or download email as you normally would. Your Web access or email access will be automatically accelerated by MegaSpeed, but if you wish to stop the acceleration just select "Stop MegaSpeed" from the popup menu, or "Exit" to exit the program entirely.