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 MegaSpeed System Requirements


  • Pentium 200 MHz or above, at least 64 MB of RAM
  • at least 5 MB of available hard-drive space
  • One of the following versions of Windows: Windows 95b with Winsock 2; Windows 98SE; Windows ME; Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6; Windows 2000; Windows XP

Make sure you download and install both the Connection Manager and MegaSpeed for the accelerator to work:
Windows MegaSpeed (download)
Windows Connection Manager (download)

Quick Installation
Detailed Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Connection Troubleshooting

General Troubleshooting

    • PowerPC G3 Processor at 333 MHz, at least 64 MB RAM
    • 6 MB free hard disk space or more
    • OS 10.2 or later

MegaSpeed Mac OS 10.2 and above (download)

Mac Quick Installation
Mac Detailed Installation
Mac Configuration
Mac Frequently Asked Questions
Mac Connection Troubleshooting
Mac General Troubleshooting

About Megaspeed

If most of your Internet use consists of web browsing and email, there's no need to spend $30, $40 or more a month for broadband. MegaSpeed may speed you along up to five times faster than traditional dialup service! MegaSpeed works by compressing the information from the Internet, reducing the amount of time you'll have to wait. It works on both web page text and graphics, as well as on your email downloads. (Note - it does not affect the speed of file downloads over FTP or file sharing programs, streaming audio or video, transfers from secure web sites, or the time it takes to dial in and connect.)

MegaSpeed also speeds up your surfing by giving you the option of eliminating annoying pop-up ads! These floating advertisements are all over the web, taking up your system resources and forcing you to spend time downloading and closing them. With MegaSpeed - no more! Pop-up blocking is an automatic service from MAIN MegaSpeed (though you will be able to disable it if you choose).

However, a web accelerator like MegaSpeed (which won't speed up FILE downloading, only web-content) is only as good as the system and connection you get on your phone line. If your computer has the resources available ("enough horses on standby") to decompress the content that MegaSpeed is compressing (which is how it speeds things up), your computer may be able to handle the added load that MegaSpeed is delivering. However, older machines with lower resource limits may not benefit.

The connection needs to be stable also, to get performance gains. If you have any noise on the lines such as static, clicks or humming, the line may not be able to deliver the increased content that is trying to come through. Your modem (the device that the computer uses to transfer information over the phone line) also is a critical link in getting more web pages and email through it.