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8/25 - NEW US fossil fuel subsidies exceed Pentagon spending
8/25 - NEW Cities are saying ‘no’ to 5g, citing health, aesthetics—and FCC bullying
8/25 - NEW Crews have freed those trapped by landslides in Nantahala Gorge
8/25 - NEW Trump says he may begin cutting Social Security and Medicare if he wins in 2020
8/24 - Trump talks about serving '14 more years' as president
8/24 - Body found near Swannanoa River in Asheville
8/24 - The Trump presidency is not just unfolding, it is unraveling
8/24 - Federal court rules anti-gay county clerk Kim Davis must pay $224,000
8/23 - Pete Buttigieg unveils $300 billion initiative on opioids, mental health
8/23 - Two men walk away from plane crash near Mount Mitchell State Park
8/23 - How anti-Semitic beliefs have taken hold among some evangelical Christians
8/23 - US has half a million fewer jobs than believed after big government revision
8/22 - A Republican group is pressuring Mitch McConnell to stop obstructing election security legislation
8/22 - Trump administration wants to hold migrant children indefinately
8/22 - Trump's national tax on the nation's psyche
8/22 - Suspect wanted for setting homeless man on fire arrested; possible witnesses wanted
8/21 - Who has been removed from NC’s voter rolls?
8/21 - Asheville Police arrest man believed to have intentionally set another man on fire
8/21 - Jewish leaders outraged by Trump saying Jews disloyal if they vote for Democrats
8/21 - Trump cancels Denmark trip after PM says Greenland isn't for sale
8/20 - Woman accused of abusing elderly patients in South Asheville facility
8/20 - Trump's baseless election fraud claim zooms from 3 million to 16 million votes
8/20 - Planned Parenthood rejects abortion "gag order," exits Title X program
8/20 - DOJ says Christian employers should be allowed to make women wear skirts
8/19 - Asheville City Council to consider spending $290,000 on ‘pit of despair’ consultant
8/19 - Tillis and Burr: Show you stand with N.C., not the NRA
8/19 - Recalling governors is all the rage this year
8/19 - Trump’s racism is not blundering — it is tactically deliberate
8/18 - How Stephen Miller controls Trump’s immigration policy
8/18 - FBI alerted after black Charlotte officials received threats, racist letters
8/18 - DNA leads to arrest in another Florida rape case from 1980s
8/18 - West Asheville, River Arts District break-in suspect apprehended
8/17 - Racist letters mailed to Charlotte leaders
8/17 - No thanks, we're not for sale, aghast Greenland tells Trump
8/17 - Family warns parents to be vigilant after woman tries to take boy from Asheville park
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