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6/29 - NEW January 6 testimony puts Donald Trump in even greater legal peril
6/29 - NEW South Carolina introduces new bill to fully outlaw abortions, allow civil penalties
6/29 - NEW Deadly overdoses up 8%, leaving NC on track to surpass 2021 record
6/29 - NEW Parents charged in connection with death of 2-month-old daughter, police say
6/28 - 46 migrants found dead in abandoned trailer in San Antonio
6/28 - Why were Democrats caught flat-footed by the end of Roe v Wade?
6/28 - 'Badly decomposed' body pulled from French Broad River
6/28 - Fentanyl-laced lollipop linked to 1 of 5 overdoses during Tryon bull riding competition
6/27 - Over a million voters ditch Democrats for GOP: data
6/27 - Republicans have hijacked the US supreme court. It’s time to expand it
6/27 - Economic forecast shows NC economy experiencing a pullback, including in job market
6/27 - One person killed, another in critical condition after car vs. motorcycle crash
6/26 - Monkeypox cases surge as WHO stops short of declaring a global emergency
6/26 - Eighteen ways the Supreme Court just changed America
6/26 - Five North Carolina legislative races to watch after abortion ruling
6/26 - Homicide investigation continues after woman's body found in wooded area of Asheville
6/25 - Search histories, location data, text messages: How personal data could be used to enforce anti-abortion laws
6/25 - Protests held in Asheville after Roe v. Wade overturned
6/25 - Clarence Thomas: Supreme Court could now restrict marriage equality, contraception
6/25 - Here's the NC timeline for possible changes to abortion rights
6/24 - BREAKING: Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade
6/24 - Trump feeling fallout of Capitol attack hearings as allies abandon ship
6/24 - Health officials confirm first case of monkeypox in North Carolina
6/24 - New judgement says transgender people in NC can correct sex on their birth certificate without surgery
6/24 - WNC labor organizing is on the upswing
6/23 - The war in Ukraine has entered a new, and more difficult, phase
6/23 - “If there’s kids in there, we need to go in”: Officers in Uvalde were ready, but had no clear orders
6/23 - Citadel nursing home in Salisbury, site of state’s worst COVID-19 outbreak, has closed
6/23 - Haw Creek man says dog saved him from bear that charged at him near home
6/22 - Judge orders Cherokee County DSS to turn over open case records
6/22 - ‘A dangerous cancer’: fourth hearing reveals how Trump’s big lie destroyed people’s lives
6/22 - Recession could hit in last quarter of this year, NCSU economist warns
6/22 - Investigation into missing SC woman leads to arrest of NC serial killer, much larger case
6/21 - Hundreds of homeless die in extreme heat
6/21 - Russia vows to respond to Lithuania’s ban on goods transit
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