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8/31 - NEW BREAKING: Trump 'steamrollered' in press conference with Mexican president
8/31 - NEW BREAKING: Supreme Court refuses to reinstate voter ID laws in NC
8/31 - NEW Donald Trump trip to Mexico is a hail-Mary pass
8/31 - NEW Carter Center may soon eradicate Guinea Worm disease
8/31 - NEW Case against gerrymandering in MD, based on First Amendment, moves forward; may have wide implications
8/31 - NEW NC GOP accused of dodging court order to fix election rules
8/31 - NEW Trump says Clinton used 'chemicals' to delete emails
8/30 - A realistic look at McCrory's 'Carolina Comeback'
8/30 - Israeli doctors to study cannabis in treatment of autism
8/30 - Deaths from US lightning strikes this year at highest since 2010
8/30 - NC's new law may shut down municipal broadband networks
8/30 - SETI investigating odd signal from deep space
8/29 - Many NC counties still have not set an early voting plan
8/29 - Federal judge rules against UNC system enforcing HB2
8/29 - Trump is in fourth place among Black voters
8/29 - Jill Stein's running mate calls Obama an "Uncle Tom"
8/27 - Assume a majority of faculty at UNC are Democrats? You're wrong!
8/27 - Nutrition studies show no one needs cow's milk
8/27 - University of Chicago tells incoming freshmen: No safe spaces or trigger warnings
8/27 - Seattle builds replacement for EpiPen after price spike; replacement costs $20
8/27 - Ruptured pipeline spills oil into Yellowstone River
8/26 - Biofuels increase, rather than decrease, heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions: study
8/26 - State officials: Leicester drinking well water contaminated
8/25 - In NC, millennials registerings as independents while holding progressive values
8/25 - Seat belts for school buses to get trial run in Transylvania County, NC
8/25 - Why the French keep trying to ban Islamic clothing
8/25 - Astronomers have found a habitable planet orbiting the nearest sunlike star
8/24 - This number is illegal to possess or distribute in the US
8/24 - UN experts seem horrified by how US schools treat African-American children
8/24 - NC GOP's legislative mission: Tax cuts to benefit the top one percent
8/24 - Wikileaks outs gay people in Saudi Arabia in mass data dump
8/23 - Historical documents reveal Arctic sea ice is disappearing at record speed
8/23 - NC recovery held back by legislative fiscal austerity
8/23 - Clinton surges to big leads in Michigan, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania
8/23 - Fox News and the repercussions of sexual harassment
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