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4/22 - NEW Democratic legislators hold key in upcoming NC abortion veto showdown
4/22 - NEW Investigation underway after reports of shots fired near downtown Hendersonville
4/21 - NEW NC GOP in hot water with FEC over Mark Meadows' spending
4/21 - NEW The other thing the Mueller report proved: Journalists were right
4/21 - NEW Energy Innovation Task Force announces cancellation of Duke’s Peaker Plant
4/21 - NEW Heavy rain creates major mess off Town Mountain Road
4/20 - There's one part of Medicare for All that you never hear about - squeezing hospitals
4/20 - April 19, 2018 was wettest day in over 100 years in Asheville area
4/20 - Mueller: Erik Prince funded hunt for Hillary's emails, lied about Russian meeting
4/20 - As usual during extreme weather, Biltmore Village is underwater
4/18 - Why are people staying three times longer than they once did at Durham's main homeless shelter?
4/18 - North Korea: If US wants to talk, put someone 'more mature' than Pompeo in charge
4/18 - Alan García: Peru's former president kills himself ahead of arrest
4/18 - Missing 3-year-old boy found safe, grandmother found dead in Greenville County
4/17 - North Carolina 'born-alive' abortion bill wins final passage
4/17 - First time since Holocaust: Passover seder in Warsaw ghetto
4/17 - Despite Nikwasi Mound controversy, Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians maintains strong business relationships
4/17 - With 700 victims, Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms
4/16 - North Atlantic warming hole impacts jet stream
4/16 - Law says Mnuchin must turn over Trump’s taxes or face 5 years in prison
4/16 - Rain subsides, but flooding threat remains in Henderson, Transylvania counties
4/16 - Fire out, organ intact, work ahead for charred Notre Dame of Paris
4/15 - Bernie Sanders promises to use budget reconciliation to get Medicare for all
4/15 - Julian Assange and the future of democracy: Is this a turning point in World War IV?
4/15 - Twisting the truth won't make private school voucher program accountable
4/15 - Trees topple onto homes in Henderson County
4/14 - One dead in industrial accident at Jacob Holm plant in Candler
4/14 - Civitas deploys "Red Scare" tactics (again) over teacher rally
4/14 - Trump is deep underwater in NC, according to poll
4/14 - Trump: Am I being audited because I'm a Christian?
4/13 - Chemical company causes problems at Waynesville sewer treatment plant
4/13 - Registration fees for hybrids, electric vehicles could be going up -- a lot
4/12 - Michigan conservatives don't want to teach students that America is a democracy
4/12 - The Green New Deal: Finally climate policy informed by science
4/12 - Officials now say 25were injured in downtown Durham blast
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