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11/21 - NEW How Duke Energy corrupted UNC Charlotte
11/21 - NEW 'I am by nature civil': The rise and fall of Charlie Rose
11/21 - NEW McMaster mocked Trump's intelligence at a private dinner
11/21 - NEW FCC plans December vote to kill net neutrality rules
11/20 - Future of Germany's Merkel in doubt as coalition talks collapse
11/20 - NC Speaker Moore's boasting about education doesn't add up
11/20 - Doubts surface about key witness in Uranium One probe of Clinton
11/20 - GOP tax bill includes tax break for private jets
11/18 - Chemours plant in Fayetteville is leaking like a sieve, this time into the air
11/18 - Rev. Jesse Jackson diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease
11/18 - The Koch Brothers may buy Time, People, Sports Illustrated
11/18 - Congress has paid $17 million in sexual misconduct and discrimination settlements
11/17 - Jim Bakker claims 'Merry Christmas' was outlawed
11/17 - North Carolina just took its toughest action yet against the company behind the GenX pollution
11/17 - George HW Bush accused of groping woman while president
11/17 - Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota
11/16 - For five months, undocumented pastor has been hiding in Durham religious center
11/16 - Taxpayers pay legal bill to protect Trump business profits
11/16 - Republicans seek to derail Roy Moore and salvage Senate seat
11/15 - Watchdog group calls for investigation of Lieutenant Gov. Dan Forest
11/15 - Tillis, Burr call on Moore to ‘withdraw’ from Alabama Senate race
11/15 - Roy Moore's pursuit of a young girl is the symptom of a larger problem in evangelical circles
11/15 - The forgotten flyers of UNCA's predecessor
11/14 - About Republican nihilism
11/14 - Emails reveal Duke edited scientific reports on coal ash, coordinated with advisory board chair
11/14 - Expert proposes legislative maps in NC redistricting case
11/13 - Shadowy non-profit sets up TV studio for NC Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest
11/13 - GOP tax plan retains special benefit for golf course owners like Trump
11/13 - Trump says Putin 'means it' about not meddling with US election
11/13 - Moore threatens to sue Washington Post over report of his sexual activities with minors
11/10 - Why are conservatives more susceptible to believing lies?
11/10 - LGBTQ candidates win elections in seven NC races
11/10 - Sex allegations against Roy Moore send Republians reeling
11/10 - Why the Republican tax plan gives fetuses the right to save for college
11/09 - Democrats score big in Tuesday’s election, and say NC is next
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