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9/17 - NEW Predictive models show Democratic chances of retaining US Senate increasing slightly
9/17 - NEW Tornado activity in 'tornado alley' starts two weeks earlier than in the past due to global warming
9/17 - NEW NC fails to account for military surplus gear, loses access to federal program
9/17 - NEW Homeless "supporters" bussed in to hearing in Jackson County for fracking
9/16 - In Japan, 'solar islands' are replacing nuclear power
9/16 - Court rules that constitutional rights of arrested Moral Monday protestor were violated
9/16 - Rural WiFi investment is a necessity -- so why are NC legislators against it?
9/16 - NC budget director says "don't worry" about looming budget shortfall
9/15 - Philadelphia to decriminalize marijuana possession
9/15 - "Male pill" may alter birth control debate
9/15 - Independent Bernie Sanders considering run for US president
9/15 - Another NC inmate may be exonerated for notorious murder
9/14 - In parts of California, the water has stopped running
9/14 - One-quarter of Americans work even late at night, on weekends
9/14 - Chris Christie to campaign for Tillis
9/14 - Poll shows Hagan with slight lead on Tillis
9/12 - WHO: Ebola spreading faster than ability to treat it
9/12 - Student debt increasingly leaving the elderly impoverished
9/12 - Palin family allegedly involved in drunken brawl
9/12 - Almost 500 people had ballots rejected falsely in NC under new rules, group finds
9/10 - Georgia GOP official wants to limit early voting near black voters, according to reports
9/10 - Southern states now bearing brunt of AIDS in US
9/10 - Appelate Court to hear expedited appeal of voting rights decision re NC
9/10 - Ebola cases "increasing exponentially" in Liberia
9/09 - Coal ash dump blamed for cancer deaths at nearby prison, report says
9/09 - Tillis / Hagan race now most expensive in nation
9/09 - NC Congressman compares freedom to fire gay people to freedom to smoke on private property
9/09 - Consumer comments pressure SEC to consider corporate disclosure rules
9/08 - New battery factories may make electric vehicles cost effective
9/08 - Fukushima disaster bill more than double earlier estimates
9/08 - Two recently-released Bush-era memos show administration's conceptualization of unlimited presidential powers
9/08 - "Economist" magazine withdraws review suggesting some slaveowners were OK
9/07 - The ALEC agenda: attacking schools, the environment, and Medicare
9/07 - Risk of 'devastating' droughts has reached very high levels, study shows
9/07 - N&O: NC legislature ignores health crisis of rural areas
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