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3/04 - NEW NC House backs off relaxation of air-quality regulations of fracking
3/04 - NEW Right-wing gets falsehoods about Obama from a few predictable sources
3/04 - NEW Much, if not most, of rise in college costs attributable to swelling in ranks of administrators
3/04 - NEW Graphic explanation of gerrymandering explains recent GOP victories
3/03 - Honduran nightmare is libertarianism run rampant
3/03 - Lumber Liquidator shares crashing after damning '60 Minutes' report on formaldehyde
3/03 - North Dakota unprepared to handle radioactive waste from fracking
3/03 - Charlotte rejects inclusive ordinances after lengthy public comment and debate
3/02 - Gap between worker pay and productivity is increasing
3/02 - GOP rep. Peter King describes far right as 'delusional wing' of party
3/02 - ISIS bans teaching evolution in schools
3/01 - No one could see color blue until modern times, research suggests
3/01 - Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket Leonard Nimoy's funeral
3/01 - Sex between lobbyists and legislators ruled legal, at least in NC
3/01 - 'Spocking Fives' tribute to Leonard Nimoy surges in Canada
2/27 - FCC approves net neutrality rules, in big win for public
2/27 - Drug testing of welfare recipients an utter waste of money, research reveals
2/27 - Finalist for nation's number one teacher resigns; says she can't stand current environment
2/27 - Kansas GOP senator wants to ban 'harmful' books
2/25 - Bobby Jindal says Obama has disqualified self from serving as commander in chief
2/25 - Atlantic: The battle for who should decide whether or not to whitewash US history classes
2/25 - Pat Robertson: Yoga tricks people into speaking Hindu
2/25 - Polio may stage comeback in US, thanks to antivaxxers
2/24 - As Atlantic rises and Norfolk naval yard threatened, Virginia continues in denial
2/24 - Former colleague says Bill O'Reilly is 'completely nutty'
2/24 - UNC system professors afraid, to the delight of GOP legislators
2/24 - ISIS burns 8000 rare books in Mosul
2/23 - Kristof: Gender, racial privilege still alive and well
2/23 - Two House bills propose national legalization of marijuana
2/23 - New study evaluates adverse effects of global warming on world fisheries
2/23 - Food supply, health-care firms getting rich from mass incarcerations in US
2/22 - New AP courses proposed in OK to include Reagan speeches as required reading
2/22 - Law faculty says closure of UNC centers will have chilling effect on free speech
2/22 - NPS finds O'Reilly's new book on Lincoln assassination riddled with errors
2/22 - Prominent climate change denier scientist took millions from fossil-fuel industry
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