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4/24 - NEW Neo-Nazis burn giant swastika near Atlanta after birthday party for Adolf Hitler
4/24 - NEW Trump administration wants Native Americans to be considered as races rather than sovereign nations
4/24 - NEW Father gave Waffle House shooter his guns back after police seized them
4/24 - NEW Assessing Betsy DeVos' rollback of disability rights for students
4/24 - NEW Flight records prove Trump did stay overnight in Moscow, contradicting statements to Comey
4/23 - The Untold Story: Trump's 'Sleepy Eyes' insult an anti-Semitic slur Of Nazi origin
4/23 - NRA accepted money from 23 Russia-linked donors
4/23 - Nashville Waffle House shooting: Police took suspect's guns, father gave them back
4/22 - NC GOP subsidizes Unaffiliated candidate's ballot access and campaign
4/22 - Polynesian seafarers discovered America long before Europeans, says DNA study
4/22 - Goldman Sachs says curing diseases may not be economically viable
4/22 - Roger Stone describes Barbara Bush as a 'nasty drunk' upon news of her death
4/21 - ICE agents use lies, pretexts to enter immigrants homes in NC
4/21 - Indiana abortion law signed by Mike Pence ruled unconstitutional
4/21 - Kim Jong Un: North Korea no longer needs nuclear tests, state-run media reports
4/21 - WaPo: Sessions said he'd consider resigning if Trump fired Rosenstein
4/20 - Police say mother and 2 children killed, 3 other children injured, suspect dead in Asheville
4/20 - Rudy Giuliani isn't the big Trump legal story
4/20 - Over 200 million eggs distributed from NC recalled due to salmonella
4/20 - Trump 'fixer' Michael Cohen owned stake in Brooklyn social club frequented by Russian mobsters
4/19 - Judges rule UNC must provide names of sexual assault perpetrators
4/19 - Sandy Hook parents sue conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones over claim shooting was fake
4/19 - 11 House Republicans call for prosecutions of Clinton, Comey, Lynch, and others
4/19 - Tennessee lawmakers punish Memphis for removing Confederate statues
4/18 - Starbucks exposes 2 Americas — the one white people love and the one black people live in
4/17 - Judge finalizes $25 million settlement in Trump's fraud case
4/17 - Former GOP chair Nathan West pulls out of North Carolina House race
4/17 - Harry Anderson, 'Night Court' star and Asheville resident, dies at age 65
4/17 - Fox News host Sean Hannity revealed as Michael Cohen's mystery client
4/16 - Barbara Bush in failing health, won't seek further treatment
4/16 - The most newsworthy part of the Comey interview wasn't aired
4/16 - Trump remakes America in his own image: Angry, hateful, afraid
4/15 - Group with ties to Art Pope pushes anti-teacher propaganda
4/15 - Michael Cohen and the terminal stage of the Trump presidency
4/15 - Mueller has evidence Cohen was in Prague in 2016, confirming part of Steele dossier
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