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5/25 - NEW Hezbollah calls on rivals to join fight against ISIS
5/25 - NEW New study details risks of reporting sexual assaults in military
5/25 - NEW Despite GOP myths, Medicaid spending is not out of control
5/25 - NEW NC GOP leaders added measures to finance bill without due process
5/24 - Heat and drought pose threat to US power supplies
5/24 - Media has ignored Seymour Hersh's revelations on Osama bin Laden
5/24 - NC Senate panel rushes energy bill through
5/24 - NC, led by Art Pope, example of what happens when funding is slashed for higher ed
5/23 - California growers approve voluntary water restrictions in hope of avoiding mandatory limits
5/23 - Nebraska may be next state to repeal death penalty
5/23 - USA Freedom Act fails in Senate
5/23 - Ice loss in Antarctica is having effect on Earth's gravity field
5/22 - Flames fan lasting fallout from Chernobyl, study shows
5/22 - Judge temporarily halts fracking permits in NC
5/22 - Walmart's anti-union training video just got leaked
5/22 - Kansas caps cash withdrawals for welfare recipients at twenty-five dollars
5/21 - TN politician pleads guilty in mass murder plot against Muslims
5/21 - New voter registrations in NC have inexplicably plummeted
5/21 - Artificial segregation rampant in NC public high schools
5/21 - Maryland to drop parallel parking from driver's test
5/20 - Who reads your email? A summer seminar by MAIN
5/20 - Why you never saw the CIA's interrogation tapes
5/20 - Pipeline off Calif. coast near Santa Barbara spills oil into ocean
5/20 - Recycling electronics gets more difficult as devices get smaller
5/19 - Who reads your email? A summer seminar by MAIN
5/19 - NC seeks to be first in nation to regulate Bitcoin
5/19 - Duke University professor stands by racially-charged comments
5/19 - Chris Hedges: US is on the edge of rebellion
5/19 - Fox News: 'Where's the justice in letting inmates appeal?'
5/18 - Pat Robertson: Second-hand clothes could have demons in them
5/18 - A bad job is harder on your mental health than unemployment, research shows
5/18 - Moderate coffee consumption leads to reduction in cancer risk
5/18 - Climate talks must succeed, since we have 'no other planet,' French minister says
5/17 - Repeal of background checks for gun purchases in MO, same as now proposed in NC, led to spike in crime
5/17 - Fox News denial that it calls the poor 'leeches' is disproven by Jon Stewart
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