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11/25 - Exxon ran misinformation campaign against its own scientists
11/25 - The Nation: Only a political effort will defeat ISIL
11/25 - White Christians are now officially a minority
11/25 - As many Americans have criminal records as college degrees
11/22 - Neighbors' dispute over trash includes use of Star Trek weapon
11/22 - Toxic mud from collapsed dam in Brazil has reached Atlantic Ocean
11/22 - Roxboro worker's complaints about lost wages lead to three legal battles and her own arrest
11/20 - Documentary on Michael Pollan's book In Defense of Food to air on PBS in December
11/20 - TV's first interracial kiss found, and it wasn't Uhura and Kirk
11/20 - Women directors and executives talk about sexism in Hollywood
11/19 - In a golden age of women in comedy, research reveals we're not so amused by funny women
11/19 - 25 U.S. states have higher number of women incarcerated than other countries around world
11/19 - Responses of ancient civilizations that coped with environmental crises resonate today
11/18 - Spain issues warrant for Netanyahu and other official for 2010 naval incident that killed 10 Turkish activists
11/18 - Scientists and foresters considering tree migration in response to climate change
11/18 - Third parties in NC say they have little access to the ballot
11/17 - Farmer's company creates an apple that never browns
11/17 - Conservative student activist tries to reach millennials in most liberal state in the U.S.
11/17 - U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) at work on chip implant to improve memory
11/16 - BREAKING NEWS: McCrory cites security gaps as one of reasons for requesting end to sending Syrian refugees to state
11/16 - Both sides rest in case against coal CEO Blankenship in trial on one of worst U.S. coal disasters
11/16 - BREAKING NEWS: McCrory to address Syrian refugee issue
11/16 - Implantable wireless devices may block pain signals
11/16 - On being Black and transgendered in junior high
11/16 - Bernie Sanders: Climate change is still biggest national security threat
11/16 - Supreme Court will hear case that could gut Roe v. Wade
11/13 - Aircraft laser strikes reach record high
11/13 - European food safety agency rules Roundup unlikely to be carcinogenic
11/13 - Google unmanned car pulled over for driving too slowly
11/13 - Colorado to vote next year on single-payer health care system
11/12 - Suspects arrested in racial threats at University of Missouri
11/12 - Hershey, Nestle and Mars using child labor to gather raw ingredients for chocolate
11/12 - Dolphins have unique identifiers for each other
11/10 - CO2 levels hit record high for 30th year in a row: WMO
11/10 - Missouri protest reveals truth: Athletes control what happens on big campuses
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