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7/27 - NEW NC library one of 203 to receive national grant to highlight Latin American history and culture
7/27 - NEW Thirty-five women appear on cover on NY Magazine to put faces to accusers of Bill Cosby
7/27 - NEW Eight First Nations in Canada face legal challenge for lack of compliance with financial transparency act
7/27 - NEW Two companies collaborate to expand images of women that challenge stereotypes
7/26 - Ocean acidification is harming important plankton systems
7/26 - Tillis injects politics into veteran's health bill
7/26 - McConnell sets up another vote to repeal Obamacare
7/26 - Huckabee says Obama's Iran negotiations marching Israelis 'to the doors of the ovens'
7/25 - Reports say Syria continues to develop chemical weapons
7/25 - Polling: Sanders does better than Clinton in swing states
7/25 - Trump bans Iowa's biggest newspaper from event for calling him 'feckless blowhard'
7/25 - Despite GOP fear-mongering, voter fraud 'exceedingly rare' in NC
7/24 - US Army doesn't want armed civilians 'guarding' their recruiting centers
7/24 - Pharmacies can not cite religion to deny medication to clients, appeals court rules
7/24 - San Francisco could be hit by major earthquake any day, says USGS scientist
7/24 - Chomsky: How America's great university system is being destroyed
7/23 - Thousands flee new flooding in China
7/23 - SC's Catawba Indian Reservation to build 350 million film studio near Charlotte
7/23 - Nine NC GOP lawmakers leave budget deliberations behind to attend Koch Bros.' ALEC conf. in sunny California
7/23 - NC GOP lawmaker offers plan to further delay action on EPA rules
7/22 - Study shows sea level rise appears now to be inevitable and disastrous
7/22 - Six NC GOP representatives support the firing of unwed mothers
7/22 - Jerry Brown's climate warning: "We are talking about extinction"
7/22 - Louisiana's infectious disease outbreaks often go unreported
7/21 - Study shows those describing themselves as experts more vulnerable to made-up information
7/21 - Three Supreme Court justices have substantial stock holdings in firms upon whose cases they've ruled
7/21 - Obama task force misses deadline on plan to save bees from neonicotinoid insecticides
7/20 - Whole Foods exploits prison labor to gain higher profits
7/20 - Bill in NCGA will protect Confederate monuments around the state from removal
7/20 - Trump won't rule out third-party run if he doesn't win Republican nomination
7/20 - NC Klan heads to SC for Confederate flag protests
7/19 - Can California meet its tough environmental goals?
7/19 - Royals urged to open archives on past connections to Nazis
7/19 - Study shows marijuana dispensaries save lives by reducing dependency on opiates
7/19 - McCrory's legal counsel kept board member's conflict of interest a secret for over a year
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