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10/23 - NEW Man arrested in NC accused of posting threats against Joe Biden, collecting guns
10/23 - NEW Santa won't be at Macy's for the first time in 159 years
10/23 - NEW CNN Poll: Biden wins final presidential debate
10/23 - NEW Trump was better behaved, but he lied more, in last night's debate
10/22 - Kamala Harris discusses hate, division, Covid-19 in local interview
10/22 - Can the Left overcome its technopessimism?
10/22 - George Will calls Trump avatar of 'crybaby conservatism'
10/22 - Feds say Russia and Iran have interfered with the presidential election
10/21 - Want to see how the landscape is shaping up on election night? Look to North Carolina
10/21 - Body of missing hiker found in Shining Rock Wilderness Area
10/21 - Trump records shed new light on Chinese business pursuits
10/21 - How Jeffrey Toobin might have commented on the sex scandal he created
10/20 - What fans of 'herd immunity' won't tell you
10/20 - Legislators grill Buncombe DSS director, who disputes Black Mountain cops, cites confidentiality rules
10/20 - Trump suggests he'd leave the country if he loses to Biden
10/20 - Trump may be trying to back out of last debate
10/19 - 'Ridin' with Biden' drive-in rally will be held in Raleigh on Monday
10/19 - Trump mocks Joe Biden: If elected, ‘He’ll listen to the scientists’
10/19 - Donald Trump will run again in 2024 if he loses to Joe Biden, says Steve Bannon
10/19 - America’s oldest voters have turned on Trump
10/18 - FBI refuses to name 'well-known NC pastor' accused of urinating on woman during flight
10/18 - Trump continues bizarre appeals to suburban women as he campaigns in Covid hotspots
10/18 - Record turnout: Local election officials talk about number of people voting this week
10/18 - Former Trump exec alleges yet more examples of his early racism in new book excerpt
10/15 - NC absentee ballots must have witness signatures, judge rules
10/15 - Harrison rebukes Graham for invoking the "good old days of segregation"
10/15 - Kamala Harris campaigns in Asheville; what we know about the event
10/15 - The US presidential race is a near dead heat, this A.I. ‘sentiment analysis’ tool says
10/14 - Amy Coney Barrett was 'not aware' the group she spoke for five times fried to criminalize homosexuality
10/14 - Trump torched for mocking Biden, elderly people with weird Photoshopped Tweet
10/14 - Incurable ballots? Federal judge seems displeased with NC rule change during elections
10/14 - Investigation underway after human remains found in wooded area of Old Fort
10/13 - First confirmed cases of Covid-19 reinfections in US
10/13 - Cal Cunningham increases lead in North Carolina Senate race in 1st poll period after texting scandal
10/13 - Crews respond to gas leak on Market Street in Asheville; surrounding businesses evacuated
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