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5/22 - NEW NC GOP budget amendment aimed to put black senators in their place
5/22 - NEW GOP tries to silence a UNC professor through budget cuts to entire law school
5/22 - NEW What is driving infectious disease outbreaks across the world?
5/22 - NEW Trump budget will slash Medicaid, food stamps programs
5/21 - Climate change is turning Antarctica green, say researchers
5/21 - Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions, Medicaid operator, pays CEO far more than legal, NC auditor says
5/21 - Trump signs $110 billion arms deal in Saudi Arabia
5/21 - Koch brothers plan 'multimillion-dollar' drive to push tax cuts for themselves and their businesses
5/21 - Trump considering refusing government payments to insurance companies re Obamacare
5/20 - NC's treasurer hires two for State Health Plan board with no experience in health care
5/20 - 400,000 were promised student loan forgiveness; now they are panicking
5/20 - Russian officials bragged they could use Flynn to influence Trump, sources say
5/20 - Trump told Russians that firing 'nut job' Comey eased pressure from investigation
5/19 - Comey, unsettled by Trump, is said to have wanted to keep him at a distance
5/19 - Federal hate law used in gender-identity murder
5/19 - Health insurers plan big Obamacare rate hikes — and they blame Trump
5/19 - Asheville in national news as firefighters rescue baby turkeys from storm drain
5/18 - BREAKING: Roger Ailes dead at 77; created Fox News
5/18 - The noxious nostalgia of NC's Republican-controlled General Assembly
5/18 - As Team Trump rocked by yet another scandal, Fox News finds other news to cover
5/18 - House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: ‘I think Putin pays’ Trump
5/18 - Mitch McConnell, the man who broke the US
5/17 - White House does not have legal authority to purge conversations with foreign leaders
5/17 - America's allies reevaluate intelligence sharing plans after Trump's classified leak
5/17 - Hackers mint cryptocurrency with WannaCry virus, experts say
5/17 - Trump ased Comey to shut down Flynn investigation
5/16 - Message from NC's Attorney General: Voter ID dead in the water
5/16 - Men's confidence in America's future soars under Trump, while women's plummets to 29%
5/16 - West Asheville convenience store customer shoots alleged robber
5/16 - How bad was Trump's betrayal of 'code word' information? Pretty bad...
5/15 - BREAKING: Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador
5/15 - With Macron's election, EU now leader of free world
5/15 - Thawing Alaska permafrost could send CO2 emissions soaring
5/15 - Two-thirds of Germany was powered by renewable energy last month
5/15 - Damage to specific site in the brain may be linked to religious fundamentalism
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