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4/19 - NEW Trout in trouble: Habitat protection key for brook trout in warming climate
4/19 - NEW NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity successfully completed its historic first flight
4/19 - NEW GOP's free speech problem: Republicans push anti-protest bills across the country
4/19 - NEW Victim of Smokey Park Highway shooting dies, becoming Asheville's second homicide of 2021
4/18 - The world's biggest vaccine producer is running out of Covid-19 vaccines
4/18 - Jerry Falwell Jr. sued by Liberty University for millions over sex, extortion scandal
4/18 - Oldest living American dies in Charlotte at 116
4/18 - Two arrested and charged after vehicle pursuit ends with crash in Fletcher
4/17 - Japan says to release Fukushima treated radioactive water into sea
4/17 - Proposed legislation would let sheriffs challenge state findings in jail inspections
4/17 - A Black trans woman was killed. Her sisterhood asks why?
4/17 - Search warrants show how police connected man to explosive devices found around Brevard
4/15 - Bernie Madoff, infamous Ponzi schemer, has died
4/15 - Why union organizers think they got creamed by Amazon
4/15 - Halt on J&J COVID-19 vaccine will continue in US until more data on rare blood clotting disorder is available
4/15 - U.S. set to slap new sanctions on Russia as soon as Thursday
4/11 - Matt Gaetz: Second staffer quits as pressure mounts on Republican congressman
4/11 - Wedding venue turns away same-sex couple in Fuquay-Varina
4/11 - Find ways to ease voting, not restrict it
4/11 - Covid-19 hospitalizations among younger people are rising in the US
4/05 - Another US Covid-19 surge may look different, experts say, particularly for younger people. Here's how
4/05 - Does HBO’s QAnon Documentary Reveal Who Q Is?
4/05 - COVID vaccine live updates: Here’s what to know in North Carolina on April 4
4/05 - New plan adds Amtrak rail service from Asheville to Salisbury
3/27 - Universal vaccine elibility is almost here
3/27 - NC man brags in a text: 'We just took over the Capitol;' Angry relative tips off FBI
3/27 - Record amount of rain falls on Asheville
3/27 - Fresh bid to dislodge stranded Suez Canal container ship gets under way
3/24 - Massive cargo ship becomes wedged, blocks Egypt's Suez Canal
3/24 - 51 millions dollars in federal COVID relief on way to Buncombe
3/24 - Joe Biden may finally be ready to nuke Mitch McConnell
3/24 - Here's what we know about the Boulder, Colorado, mass shooting suspect
3/23 - Mark Meadows is neck-deep in Georgia criminal probe
3/23 - American crisis: The horrific Atlanta killings — and democracy still under threat
3/23 - Sidney Powell argues in new court filing that no reasonable people would believe her election fraud claims
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