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7/01 - NEW Crowds light up as marijuana becomes legal in Oregon
7/01 - NEW DENR opposes bill that would overhaul environmental regulations
7/01 - NEW Another Black church burns in the South; this one was burned 20 years ago by the Klan
7/01 - NEW Forty-one percent of US citizens believe humans and dinosaurs co-existed
6/30 - Rally protests teacher assistant cuts, to be largest layoffs in NC history
6/30 - Obama to expand overtime pay for millions of workers
6/30 - Crowd confronts Duke Energy spokesman in Charlotte about tainted wells
6/30 - Carlos Slim scraps projects with Trump Organization after Trump's comments on immigrants
6/29 - Franklin Graham: US is tempting God's judgment with gay marriage ruling
6/29 - NC state budget proposes ending driver's education requirement
6/29 - Supreme Court ruling could affect redistricting policies
6/29 - Utah Republicans draft bill to get rid of all marriages so the state won't have to perform gay ones
6/28 - Wall Street is betting NC residents will pay for coal ash cleanup
6/28 - Why aren't the poor angrier about inequality?
6/28 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. says Confederate flag is offensive, should be taken down
6/28 - Who's burning Black churches?
6/26 - BREAKING: Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage as national right
6/26 - Thinkprogress: The Supreme Court ruling on health care is the biggest possible win for the Obama administration
6/26 - Three-d printing may be a technological revolution
6/26 - Global warming is accelerating loss of species
6/26 - Black church burned in Charlotte in possible arson case
6/25 - Stricter emissions standards for trucks proposed
6/25 - Senate pushes to eliminate health retirement benefits for North Carolina’s teachers and state employees
6/25 - North Carolina GOPers strip $3 million from UNC law school after professor slams voter ID
6/25 - Anti-intellectualism is killing America
6/24 - Whole Foods: America's angriest grocery store
6/24 - Art Pope considers supporting Scott Walker
6/24 - Krugman: Slavery's long shadow
6/24 - Kay Hagan won't run again for Senate
6/23 - Film proves you should always check your plane for kitties
6/23 - Adjunct professors: Low pay, little say
6/23 - Robert E. Lee wanted Confederate symbols gone from the US
6/23 - Dylann Roof's cousin says he was spurned by a woman for a Black man
6/22 - Scott Walker's toxic contempt for women
6/22 - Draconian NC Senate plan will rob cities to pay counties
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