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To transfer these files is really quite easy. Between the Local System side and the Remote System side of this window you should see two arrows. One points from the Local System to the Remote System and one in the other direction. To upload files, just highlight the file or directory on the Local System side and click the arrow pointing to the Remote side. You'll know your files have been uploaded when they appear in the Remote System side:

Tranferring files

When you are done transferring all your files and folders, look at your website through a browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator or Mozilla Firefox and make sure everything looks the way you want it to. There are almost always things you see this way that you'll want to change. After you make the changes on your computer, connect to MAIN again and upload only the files that you have changed.

If you need help with any definitions or functions of any buttons or procedures for this program, you can always click "Help" at the bottom center of the window and look it up there.

Thank you for choosing MAIN to host your directory.

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