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Transferring your files to MAIN's server

On the right side of the WS-FTP interface is the "Remote System." This represents MAIN's server where your web site will be stored for so it can let users see your web pages on the internet. This side is organized the same way the Local System side is, except that you start at your website directory (folder) on our server as the top level in the first box. Just below the words "Remote System" you should see a slash, which represents your website directory.

In the middle box, your subdirectories (folders) will be listed.

In the bottom box, files of the chosen directory (or subdirectory) are listed. Since we haven't uploaded any files to our Remote System, the middle and bottom boxes are empty.

Let's make sure we're going to upload files in the correct format. Directly below the Local System and Remote System boxes you'll see three buttons: "ASCII", "Binary" and "Auto." Check the box marked "Auto." This will ensure that the file types are transferred in the correct format. Graphics or images should be transferred in Binary and most other files transferred in ASCII. For our purposes the "Auto" option in WS-FTP should work fine.

I have located my files in the "My Documents" folder on my C drive, in a folder called "truenatives" (you will substitute the location of your files on your system). In the illustration below you see this path name on the Local System side and that I am now looking at the contents of my "truenatives" folder which is in the "My Documents" folder on my C drive:


The contents of my "truenatives" folder are now displayed in the bottom box. You can see I have a directory of images in "truenatives" and I have three files: index.html, natives.html and true.html.

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