Training Exercise in Cruso April 2002

Patient extraction with ladderEarly spring of 2002, Cruso and Lake Logan VFD's got together to hold EMS, and firefighting evolutions on a multi-level house, in the Cruso community. Before we commenced with the smoking and burning we practiced emergency patient extractions - ladder extraction enabled us to get a "patient" out of harm's way. The internal staircase in this particular house was an excellent example, of why such a procedure is necessary.
Entry, Firefighting and Patient ExtractionAfter various EMS drills, using dummies and live patients, we smoked the house and looked for casualties as teams throughout the house. Though wearing air-pacs and face masks, there was zero visibility. Searching was basically down by touch. Additionally, We had to find and extract a heavy log, which simulated the weight of a downed firefighter in his turn-out gear. We practiced entering and egressing as hose teams via the doors, each time putting out the fire before it could envelope the house. We then set the house a-fire for good burning it down completely.

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