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To upload your files we need to add MAIN's server information to your WS-FTP program so that you can connect to MAIN through WS-FTP and send your web site files. Your free website directory on MAIN is at the following address: http://yourcounty.main.nc.us/~yourusername/ .

NOTE: You'll probably get a Forbidden message if you go to this URL now - if so, don't panic - you have to load your pages to see anything at all. Polk county subscribers, please contact help@main.nc.us to have your webserver space activated (until that server can be upgraded, there's an extra step we have to do for you.)

You may proceed with the steps in this tutorial even if you need us to do that extra step - be sure to have your username and password to complete the steps, though. If you've got those and a working copy of WS-FTP you're ready to upload!

To begin, open your WS-FTP program. You should see this:

This is the default setting for WS-FTP. We're going to create a new profile that will include all the information that will connect you with MAIN and get your files uploaded. So, click "New." You should see the same screen only empty like this:

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Whoops, I need the tutorial for a non-profit or business dedicated directory website!

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