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Home / Help / Windows 9x, NT, 2000

Connection Problems | Email | Uploading Webpages

You may also find your answer at Microsoft's Knowledge Base

Connecting to the Internet:

Checking your Settings:

Microsoft Error Messages and Fixes:

  • Error 630 - Port Disconnected due to Hardware Failure
  • Error 645 - Internal Authentication Error
  • Error 650 - Server not Responding
  • Error 666 - Device not Ready
  • Error 676 - The Line is Busy
  • Error 678 - No Answer
  • Error 680 - No Dial Tone
  • Error 731 - Protocol not Configured
  • Error 745 - Session Management Module is Invalid
  • How to set my default Mail Program in Internet Settings
  • Configuring Outlook Express
  • Configuring Microsoft Outlook
  • Configuring Eudora Lite (3+)
  • Empty a "Stuck" message from your inbox
Uploading a Webpage / Website