Mountain Area Information Network

(This counter will only work if you have an account or webspace with MAIN.)

Please walk through steps 1-3 to create the coding to add to your webpage.

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If you have any problems, email If you have a virtual domain, ( hosted by MAIN, email and we will make this feature availible for your domain.

There are many more options here that can be accomplished with this counter script. If you are interested, feel free to visit Count Release 2.5

One feature of this counter that may cause some confusion the first time you use it is that your counter will only register one "Hit" per visit. This stops the counter from registering every time someone refreshes your page, and gives a more accurate count of visits. Before emailing, try disconnecting from

the internet, then reconnecting and going to your page again. You should then see your counter move from one to two.

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