Mountain Area Information Network

Account Prices

Service Cost Details
National Dialup $14.95 per month or $150 per year Nationwide access, web mail, spam and virus filtering, dialup accelerator, personal web space, regular dialup account upgrade
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Fee-reduced Dialup Based on ability to pay Requires special Fee-reduced dialup form

Service Cost Details
E-mail alias forwards to your regular address
$10 per year For MAIN users who prefer a customized e-mail address
E-mail mailbox (POP3/IMAP)
(must have an internet access account to retrieve mail)
$25 per year For users who prefer a second e-mail account, web mail
E-mail mailbox form
Mailing list
Non-profits pay $25/year (one free for MAIN non-profit customers). Commercial and private lists are $50/year. Allows members of an organization or interest group to post and reply to the group.
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E-mail filtering
$10 per year Spam and virus e-mail filtering
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