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Switching to MAIN from AOL/Compuserve

How to cancel your America Online (AOL) account: over the phone, online, mail or by fax.

The phone number is: 1-888-265-8008. The online keyword is: Cancel.

Or by sending your cancellation request via US Mail to: America Online, Inc., PO Box 17100, Jacksonville, FL 32245-7100

By fax at (904) 232-4879: to cancel, provide the following information on your fax sheet:

the words "CANCEL MY AOL Account", your Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Area Code and Phone Number and ONE of the following:

Primary Billing Contactís AOL screen name, and the last four digits of the current payment method used for this account.


Your Privacy Question and Answer (if you already have established one)


will take effect within 72 hours of receipt of your request, and AOL will send you written confirmation. If you cancel near the end of your billing period and are inadvertently charged for the next monthís fee contact AOL at the toll free number above to have the charges reversed. AOL reserves the right to collect fees, surcharges or costs incurred before you cancel your AOL membership. In addition, you are responsible for any charges incurred to third-party vendors or content providers prior to your cancellation.

AOL Buddies, Instant Messenger and email

On AOL's website you can forward your email to your new MAIN email address.

If you download the AOL Instant Messenger client, you will still be able to access instant messaging and some of the chat rooms available on AOL, along with a buddy list.

You can still access the AOL buddy list by downloading the free AOL Instant

Messenger client from the America Online Web site. You will still be able to send e-mail to members who are on AOL. At the end of their AOL screen name, you will need to add

How to manually convert an AOL address book to a Windows Address Book

  1. Save your address book to your Desktop as a '.pfc' file. (This will happen automatically.)
  2. Open that file in Microsoft Word or other word processing program.
  3. Replace all ".comAOL" with ".com".
    1. Go to Edit -> Replace in the Word menu.
    2. Then click in Find, and type .comAOL
    3. Click in "Replace with" and enter .com
  4. Scan quickly and delete all strange symbols and characters or blank lines.
  5. Go to File=> Save As
  6. Save in .txt format.
  7. Quit Word or word processor.
  8. Go to the Windows Start button => Programs => Accessories => Address Book
  9. Go to File => Import => Other Address Book
  10. Choose Text File (Comma Separated Values)
  11. Click Import
  12. Click Browse, locate and open the file you saved in instruction #6 above.
  13. Done!

Removing AOL Software from Windows

1. Click on the Windows Start button, point to Settings and select Control Panel.
2. Double-click on the Add/Remove Programs icon.
3. Click once on AOL to highlight it and click on the Add/Remove button.
4. Click OK then OK again.
5. Click once on AOL Setup to highlight it and click on the Add/Remove button.
6. Click OK then OK again.
7. Close the Control Panel.
8. Go to the Start Menu, then Find (or Search), then Files and Folders
9. Under Search for or Named enter "Start Menu" (make sure to spell it exactly like this with the quotes).
10. Look in C Drive or Local hard drives.
11. Hit Enter
12. Double click on the folders it finds and remove any AOL shortcuts or files starting with AOL.
13. Go to the Start Menu, then Find, then Files and Folders
14. Under Search For or Named enter aolback.exe (make sure to spell it exactly like this). Look in C Drive or Local hard drives.
15. Hit Enter. If it finds it, right click on it and then click Delete.

Removing AOL Software from Macintosh OS 9 and OS X

1. Drag the AOL application to the Trash.

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