Mountain Area Information Network


To find out how to sign up for CanIt click here.

MAIN's new spam and virus filtering service is CanIt provided by Roaring Penguin Software, Inc. You can check your quarantine, manage your accept and reject lists and change settings by logging in with your email address at the following web page.

Your old Postini password will not work. Click "Forgot your password?" to set a new password.

Some features that are included in CanIt are the following.
-There is no limit on accept and reject lists
-User control of times and days that quarantine reports are sent
-Choice between between quarantine and tag-and-deliver

Please make sure your computer's anti-virus program is up to date. An e-mail filtering service does not protect your computer from viruses that you may get on your computer from web sites, for example.

If you have questions, please contact the MAIN help desk. As always, thanks for supporting your local nonprofit ISP!

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