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MAIN News Archives for January 2021

01/16 -  Duke expert: New UK variant more contagious than coronavirus but not more deadly
01/16 -  Trump finishes with worst first term approval rating ever
01/16 -  Trump's supporters stormed the Capitol, Trump's brand is set to reap the consequences
01/16 -  Bomb squad investigates suspicious package left at blogger's home
01/14 -  Sole Cherokee 'Beloved Man' for last 200 years gets highway named after him
01/14 -  Pelosi announces lawmakers will be fined $5,000 if they bypass metal detectors to House floor
01/14 -  Donald Trump turns on aides as he 'refuses to pay Rudy Giuliani’s $20,000-a-day fees'
01/14 -  Inside the remarkable rift between Donald Trump and Mike Pence
01/13 -  Operation Warp Speed chief adviser resigns, Biden's transition official says
01/13 -  Trump takes one last look at his border wall as Congress considers impeachment
01/13 -  Iowa man charged in Capitol riot says he chased officer so QAnon would 'get the credit'
01/13 -  Man charged with 1st-degree murder in Buncombe County shooting death
01/12 -  Indonesian navy divers recover 'black box' from wreckage of jetliner
01/12 -  Asheville City Schools extends remote instruction through March
01/12 -  Years of bad leadership from Trump, and now no leadership at all
01/12 -  Sheldon Adelson, GOP megadonor who founded Las Vegas Sands, dies
01/11 -  Maryland governor says Pentagon 'repeatedly denied' approval to send National Guard to Capitol
01/11 -  Letter by NC 11 Democratic Party calls for expulsion of Rep. Cawthorn; Cawthorn responds
01/11 -  “Executing Politicians? Lulz.” For Trump’s zombies, “Funny” cosplay is the language of deadly Fascism
01/11 -  Six Republican lawmakers among rioters as police release photos of wanted
01/08 -  Federal murder investigation to be opened in Capitol Police officer's death
01/08 -  Asheville man arrested in D.C. one day ahead of rally, unrest in nation's capital
01/08 -  The police’s tepid response to the Capitol breach wasn’t an aberration
01/08 -  Education Secretary Betsy DeVos resigns, citing violence at the Capitol
01/07 -  Barr says Trump conduct ‘betrayal’ of presidency
01/07 -  NCDHHS issues immediate directive for NC as COVID-19 passes 17% positivity rating
01/07 -  Rudy Giuliani says pro-Trump rioters attacking US Capitol building are ‘on the right side of history’
01/07 -  Flying the flag of fascism for Trump
01/06 -  The GOP implodes in Georgia
01/06 -  Gov. Cooper to address current curfew as NC sets up COVID-19 vaccine hotline
01/06 -  Democrats inch closer to retaking the Senate
01/06 -  Wednesday Weather Update: Snow! Forecasters prepare for end of week snow event
01/05 -  Reawakened geyser does not foretell Yellowstone volcanic eruptions, scientists say
01/05 -  Asheville man arrested for breaking into & damaging a Mission Hospital helicopter
01/05 -  Trump's made-up claims of fake Georgia votes
01/05 -  Pharmacist who left vials out believed vaccine could change DNA, police say
01/03 -  Paralyzed by Covid-19, Israel bids to be first country to vaccinate its way to safety
01/03 -  Man charged with murder in connection to death of chief assistant district attorney in Buncombe County
01/03 -  Trump says he won’t accept defeat as court throws out Gohmert lawsuit
01/03 -  Brexit’s second act may break the UK union
01/03 -  NC health officials report over 18,000 new COVID-19 cases within first two days of 2021