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MAIN News Archives for September 2019

09/16 -  Eight earthquakes strike WNC within one week
09/16 -  NC House passes new maps, despite Democrat concerns about eastern North Carolina
09/16 -  Is the Trump administration squelching a whistleblower — and a major scandal?
09/16 -  Work begins on new ART transit station
09/15 -  Eighteen years and counting: Are we ever getting out of Afghanistan?
09/15 -  Julian Castro calls for Kavanaugh impeachment after new accusations of sexual misconduct
09/15 -  Large boat blocks lane & traffic along I-26 Saturday afternoon
09/15 -  Trump's acting National Security Adviser said nuclear war with Russia was 'winnable'
09/14 -  Americans increasingly see climate change as a crisis, poll shows
09/14 -  Letter accuses Asheville officials of corruption, requests investigation
09/14 -  Joe Biden survives another debate, and this time comes out looking stronger
09/14 -  What happens if Trump won't step down?
09/13 -  DOJ says Christian employers should be allowed to make women wear skirts
09/13 -  Scene in Charlotte immigration court shows our children deserve better
09/13 -  Asheville High students moved out of some classrooms because of mold
09/13 -  FiveThirtyEight discusses the third Democratic debate
09/12 -  Trump's poll numbers are so bad the GOP is hiding them from local candidates
09/12 -  Asheville police chief cites family matters as reason for departure
09/12 -  Crash closes Hendersonville Road, takes out power for thousands Thursday morning
09/11 -  New Asheville police chief, Chris Bailey, resigns for 'personal reasons'
09/11 -  What Republicans stole from North Carolina
09/11 -  Netanyahu vows to annex Jordan Valley with help of US
09/11 -  Asheville Police investigating shots fired; schools in area placed on lockdown, now lifted
09/11 -  Does a tight win for NC Republican Dan Bishop spell 2020 trouble for Trump?
09/10 -  Two people injured following car crash into West Asheville house
09/10 -  China stops buying US agricultural products entirely
09/10 -  Republicans squirm as Trump's wall takes funds from projects in their districts
09/10 -  Trump entered partnership with Scottish airport in 2014 that sent flight crews to his hotel
09/09 -  Trump's campaign manager says the Trump family will become 'a dynasty that will last for decades,' creating a 'new' Republican Party
09/09 -  Why's it so hard for us to say out loud that Trump has lost his mind?
09/09 -  Here's a list of recession signals that are flashing red
09/09 -  Trump sister, a Federal Judge, implicated in alleged Trump tax scheme
09/08 -  He’s in: Mark Sanford, SC Republican, formally declares GOP White House 2020 bid
09/08 -  More City of Asheville waterline work starting Monday may cause discolored water
09/08 -  Take mapmaking tools away from self-serving pols
09/08 -  The moral rot of the MIT Media Lab
09/07 -  NC power outages drop from 231,000 to 76,500 as Hurricane Dorian heads out to sea
09/07 -  This was the week that Boris Johnson imploded
09/07 -  Donald Trump has never explained a mysterious $50 million loan. Is it evidence of tax fraud?
09/07 -  Candler man to spend 4 years in prison after driving drunk, killing passenger
09/06 -  Dorian halts early voting in some NC counties for special congressional elections
09/06 -  Asheville police investigate after shots fired at Pisgah View Apartments
09/06 -  Why the measles surge could open the door to a host of other diseases
09/06 -  Revenge of the never Trumpers: how a “kamikaze” primary could hit Trump where it hurts
09/05 -  Poll: Trump losing support among women voters
09/05 -  Psychiatrists recommend evaluation: "Trump’s communicative abilities appear to be deteriorating"
09/05 -  Asheville's Amboy Road Bridge is safe, state says
09/05 -  Powerful surge in store from Dorian for NC sounds, rivers
09/04 -  Senate finds Russia targeted election systems in all 50 states, but legislation is stonewalled
09/04 -  Asheville police identify man killed in motorcycle crash
09/04 -  NC court strikes down gerrymander, citing smoking gun evidence in the Hofeller files
09/04 -  Trump says it doesn't matter if the US has a recession because the trade war is more important
09/03 -  Asheville woman charged with murder in hit-and run
09/03 -  Illinois is expunging marijuana convictions from nearly 800,000 criminal records
09/03 -  When Dorian hits NC, what will happen?
09/03 -  Trump causes confusion by saying record storm will hit Alabama, forcing national weather service to issue correction
09/02 -  Editorial: Expand Medicaid, spare us the song and dance
09/02 -  Woodfin police: 2 suspects sought in robbery of Asheville tienda
09/02 -  LGBQT Americans won't be counted in 2020 US census after all
09/02 -  As tropical storm Dorian heads for US, Trump drains millions from FEMA's disaster relief fund