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MAIN News Archives for January 2019

01/15 -  Healthcare may be crucial issue in upcoming Presidential election, Gallup says
01/15 -  Why the shutdown disproportionately affects Black Americans
01/15 -  Sandy Hook parents win victory in lawsuit against Alex Jones, Infowars
01/15 -  Rand Paul heading to Canada, land of universal health care, for surgery
01/14 -  Historic Shakespeare theater in Stratford, CT burns to the ground
01/14 -  How anti-vax pseudoscience seeps into public discourse
01/14 -  Charlotte diocese undecided about naming accused priests
01/14 -  Evidence shows Richard Burr coordinated with NRA in 2016 Election
01/13 -  Fire truck goes in creek on way to Weaverville house fire
01/13 -  Stacey Abrams wins major victory as judge rules all votes must be counted in Georgia governor's election
01/13 -  Americans blame GOP and Trump for government shutdown, poll says
01/13 -  Washington Post: Trump concealed details from meetings with Putin
01/12 -  I-26 ramp in Henderson County closed because of sinkhole
01/12 -  What if the obstruction was the collusion? On the New York Times's latest bombshell
01/12 -  Trump literally did not understand what a shutdown would do
01/12 -  Trump runs the nation like he runs his companies -- into bankruptcy
01/11 -  Poll: In North Carolina, Cooper’s hot, Trump’s not
01/11 -  I-26 West in South Asheville CLOSED after tractor-trailer crash
01/11 -  Trump may use Puerto Rico, California disaster funds to build border wall
01/11 -  Shutdown halts civil court cases, including those against Trump
01/10 -  Tree splits Black Mountain home in half, traps 6-year-old boy
01/10 -  NC Legislative Building grows colder toward the public
01/10 -  Exxon knows renewables are cheaper, even if Trump doesn’t
01/10 -  Evangelical group wants gays removed from anti-lynching bill
01/09 -  Cunningham announces primary challenge to van Duyn for Lt. Gov.
01/09 -  Only 6 migrants — Not Sanders' claim of 4,000 — On terror watchlist were detained at southern border
01/09 -  High winds causing problems in Western North Carolina; taking down trees
01/08 -  Now we know what happens when a city removes flouride from their drinking water; Juneau did so eleven years ago
01/08 -  Networks set to air Trump's prime time address; Pelosi, Schumer demand equal time
01/08 -  Trump sister, a federal judge, implicated in alleged Trump tax scheme
01/08 -  US health care ranked worst in the developed world
01/08 -  Federal court rules that almond milk is milk
01/07 -  US national debt rises more than $2 trillion since Trump took office
01/07 -  Millions could face severe cuts to food stamps due to government shutdown
01/07 -  Asheville Police respond to two convenience store robberies, one in West Asheville, one in Montford
01/07 -  Democrats seek a political phoenix: Can 2018's biggest loser become 2020's big winner?
01/06 -  Stark evidence that private/charter schools are bringing back segregation
01/06 -  Democrats to ask for 10 years of presidential tax returns in new bill
01/06 -  Shutdown spares federal park rangers at site in Trump's Washington hotel
01/06 -  Haywood county neighborhood has been without water since mid-December
01/05 -  Supreme Court weighs whether to hear first challenge to Roe vs. Wade since Kavanaugh joined bench
01/05 -  Asheville tax preparers warn your refund could be delayed due to government shutdown
01/05 -  Top Trump officials are about to get a $10K raise while federal employees work without pay during the shutdown
01/05 -  Conservatives worry feminists are using witchcraft to destroy Trump
01/04 -  Link between social media and depression stronger in teen girls than boys, study says
01/04 -  The same flu virus that caused the 1918 pandemic is back this year
01/04 -  Winston-Salem ready to take legal action to move Confederate statue
01/04 -  South Carolina officers to be charged after 2 patients drowned in van
01/03 -  270,000 fewer kids have health insurance now thanks to Trump and GOP
01/03 -  Laura Ingraham's radio show cancelled due to advertiser boycott
01/03 -  Buncombe commissioners vote to accept settlement from Wanda Greene
01/03 -  For some reason, Trump defends Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
01/01 -  The government may be shut down, but taxpayers are footing the bill for party tents at Mar-a-Lago
01/01 -  Small bookstores are booming after nearly being wiped out
01/01 -  Government shutdown affecting small businesses
01/01 -  Kim Jong Un says North Korea isn't making nukes, warns US on sanctions