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MAIN News Archives for December 2018

12/14 -  Federal court throws out permit for Atlantic Coast Pipeline to cross Appalachian Trail
12/14 -  Russiaís high-tech AI robot turns out to be human In robot costume
12/14 -  Trump was at August 2015 meeting about hush money payments, source says
12/14 -  Trump considering son-in-law Kushner for chief of staff position
12/13 -  NC election fraud: Concerning number of absentee ballots not returned in Columbus Co.
12/13 -  Lindsey Graham now under investigation for campaign finance violations, ties to Russia
12/13 -  Trump turns down Meadows for White House chief of staff, removing leading contender
12/13 -  Trump moves to deport Vietnam War refugees
12/12 -  GOP candidate's consultant linked to second county In NC election probe
12/12 -  Google forced to explain to Congress why image searches for 'idiot' return images of Trump
12/12 -  Reporter says Trump 'stormed out' of Oval Office after Pelosi, Schumer meeting
12/12 -  Earthquake in east Tennessee felt in WNC
12/11 -  Christian TV host says new Ice Age is coming this winter, but at least it will kill Planned Parenthood
12/11 -  Faced with scandal, Trump seems oblivious to his precarious state
12/11 -  North Carolinaís big government conservatives and the endless legislative session
12/11 -  Mark Meadows, leader of the right-wing House Freedom Caucus, wants to be Trumpís chief of staff
12/10 -  Snow ends; cold weather coming for Asheville and surrounding region
12/10 -  North Carolina governor wins again in balance-of-power case
12/10 -  Nick Ayers, aide to Pence, declines offer to be Trumpís Chief of Staff
12/09 -  Trump pick for UN said D-Day was height of US-Germany cooperation
12/09 -  Jared Kushner gave Saudi Crown Prince advice after Khashoggi slaying: NY Times
12/09 -  Asheville storm: Power outages widespread in WNC
12/09 -  What we now know about Trump and Russia
12/08 -  Local weather service predicts high accumulations of snow for some areas
12/08 -  Friday was a very, very bad day for Donald Trump
12/08 -  Millenials are the generation with the most economic stress
12/08 -  Van Duyn attempt to slow NC voter ID bill fails; it goes to Gov. Cooper
12/06 -  Execution of Tennessee inmate by electric chair renews debate on cruel and unusual punishment
12/06 -  Subpoenas issued to Trump organization in emoluments case
12/06 -  The GOP has a new strategy: Lame duck power grab
12/06 -  Record snow? Forecasters differ on what's coming to the Asheville area
12/05 -  Inside the North Carolina Republican vote machine: Cash, pills, and ballots
12/05 -  Unusual worldwide seismic waves in November likely caused by magma shifts
12/05 -  After CIA briefing, Republicans say 'no question' Saudi crown prince ordered Khashoggi murder
12/04 -  WNC nature program approves of court ruling in favor of the endangered red wolf
12/04 -  GOP lawmakers try once again to restructure NC state elections board
12/04 -  Researchers have found strong evidence that racism helps the GOP win
12/04 -  French government suspends fuel tax rise after riots
12/03 -  World Bank to invest $200bn to combat climate change
12/03 -  Why missionary John Allen Chau's death on a remote Indian island is so unsettling to Christians
12/03 -  USGS: 2.0 magnitude earthquake recorded near North Carolina-Tennessee border
12/03 -  Milo Yiannopoulos 'more than $2m in debt', Australian promoters' documents show
12/02 -  Amidst social media controversy, NC Board of Elections chair resigns
12/02 -  This was the week the Mueller probe hit a turning point
12/02 -  Florida teacher fired for giving zeros to students who failed to turn in homework
12/02 -  Oklahoma senator wants to classify abortion as felony homicide
12/01 -  What is happening in the NC 9th district?
12/01 -  NC board again declines to certify Mark Harris victory as mail-in ballots questioned
12/01 -  Millennials aren't spending because they're poorer than previous generations
12/01 -  George H. W. Bush dead at 94