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Stand With Asheville Citizens Against Governor McCroryg

23 Apr 2014

Governor McCrory is coming to Asheville on Wednesday afternoon, April 23 to participate in a panel discussing Technology and Innovation during Moogfest, Wednesday April 23.

Many groups and individuals in Asheville are coming together at 2:00 pm at Vance Monument to let Governor McCrory know that his policies are not welcome in Asheville.

Governor McCrory has been an innovator. , but not the kind we need. Almost all of his innovations have pointed the state of NC backward toward the 19th century, not forward to the 21st.. He has led Jim Crow-like restrictions on voting rights which are designed to limit voting by minorities, poor people, students and others. He has supported huge limitations on access to medical care by poor people. He has worked to limit the rights of women and the LGBQ communities. He has supported massive cutbacks in education. He has limited access to unemployment insurance. He has raised taxes on the working and middle classes, and reduced taxes on the wealthy and the corporations. He has stacked his administration in Raleigh with pro-industry utility and environmental regulators who have enabled massive environmental damage to occur in our rivers and the health of our people and animals. As a former 28 year employee of Duke Energy, he has turned the state of NC into a lapdog for this corrupt and backward utility whose only interest seems to be profits nd control of the state government.

This protest is not directed against the City of Asheville or against Moogfest. Our concern is to protest Governor McCroy's horrible policies, which have hurt both the City of Asheville and its people.

Please come, 2:30 pm, Wednesday, April 23, Vance Monument. Let's show him that his attack on our equality, education and environment will not stand!

Steven Norris, 828-777-7816