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"Now is the Time" Tour

7 Mar 2014

On Friday, March 7, a bus full of Florida farmworkers will be arriving in Asheville as part their 10-day, 10-city "Now is the Time" Tour. Join them for an afternoon of education and action!

For the past two decades, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) has led a struggle to transform poverty wages and abusive working conditions in the fields. Alongside allies across the country, CIW has won agreements with 12 of the biggest corporate retailers on the planet and created the groundbreaking Fair Food Program

Where once wage theft, physical abuse, and sexual harassment were commonplace, fair wages, dignity and respect are taking root. But even as the light of this new day is dawning, the struggle continues. For four years, Florida's hometown grocer, Publix, has stonewalled farmworkers' requests for dialogue, claiming no responsibility for conditions in the company's supply chain.

Now Publix is expanding into North Carolina, planning to open its first Asheville store in 2015. Come stand with farmworkers as they take their message of truth and hope on the road!

For more information, contact Joe Hinojosa, (239) 503-0771,