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Warren Wilson Theatre: One Director, Two Plays

22 Nov 2013 - 24 Nov 2013

Type of Event: Two alternating play productions

Name of Event: Spinning Into Butter and Flyin’ West

Dates: Spinning Into Butter (November 22nd, 24th and December 7th)
Flyin’ West (November 23rd, and December 6th and 8th)

Time: 8pm

Location: Kittredge Theatre

Playwright(s): Spinning Into Butter by Rebecca Gilman. Flyin’ West by Pearl Cleage

Director: Candace Taylor

Ticket Prices:
Free: Faculty, Staff ( their children) and ANY student with a valid student I.D, persons involved in productions ( if your name is in the playbill) these persons will get 2 comp tickets, and alumni.

10$ for General Admissions: any family member outside of the two free comps.
*note– Groups (ex, Retirement Homes) bringing 10+ will receive 20% off)

Background Information:

Set on a college campus, Spinning reveals the truth about institutional racism, and the stilted reaction to it. The play exposes the “political correctness” of authoritative figures that claim to be pro-minority but manage to ignore the elephant in the room.

In this drama [Flyin’ West], four African American women escape their pasts as former slaves by moving to the harsh western plains. There they face bitter winters, trials of bigotry, domestic abuse, and the controversy of interracial marriage.


Spinning Into Butter
“ You want me to solve racism with a bulleted list”?
“ Yes”. – (Daniels and Kenney, ii.ii)

Flyin’ West
“ Does anybody know what they want? Do you?”
“ Of course I do! I want this town to be a place where a colored woman can be free to live her life like a human being. I want this town to be a place where a colored man can work as hard for himself as we used to work for white folks. I want a town where a colored child can go to anybody’s door and feel like they belong there”. – (Minnie and Sophie, i.iv)