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Home / Community Network News / Online charity auction

Charity auction seeks WNC community support

On October 16, MAIN will open bidding in its first "e-Bay" style online auction to help raise money for our community network. We are inviting area businesses as well as individuals to contribute a product or service to this auction. Bidders are welcome to preview the auction at any time.

Participation will expose businesses to a large online community in western North Carolina and beyond -- and it will help MAIN continue its nonprofit community and economic development work. MAIN's website <> averages 75,000 unique visitors per month, making our homepage one of the most-visited sites in the mountain region.

MAIN has been cited as one the nation's most innovative efforts to overcome the Digital Divide, which prevents many rural communities from enjoying the advantages of the Internet and e-commerce.

Here's a quick snapshot of MAIN's nonprofit mission:
* Low-cost
Internet access in 14 mountain counties
* Free
webhosting for local nonprofit organizations
Reduced-fee Internet access for low-income, disabled citizens
* Free
online forums to encourage free speech and civic participation
Free links on for local businesses and nonprofits
* Free Internet access at 60 rural libraries and community centers
* Free booths for local businesses in the
Blue Ridge Web Market.

Your donation of a product or service will help maintain and expand this important community-building effort. And we've made it easy for you to contribute . . . online! Simply follow this link or click the "m@in auction" button on our homepage.

And if you can't donate a product or service at this time, we still invite you to take advantage of the free services MAIN offers local businesses: the Business Links section of the MAIN homepage and an online booth in the Blue Ridge Web Market.

We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to do something good for your community while exposing your business to MAIN's growing online audience. Many thanks for your time and consideration!