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Documents & Photos Concerning Kirk D. Lyons

-1989: Kirk D. Lyons' Membership in Neo-Nazi Organization;   "Houston member Kirk Lyons" and his Patriots Defense Foundation praised by America's foremost Neo-Nazi organization in its "National Alliance Bulletin" publication

-1990: Photos (3) of Kirk D. Lyons at Aryan Nations/KKK march in Pulaski, TN January 13, 1990; Lyons claims he was simply a "marshall" for the parade protecting their rights; however, his statements in The Klansman interview below show he saw himself as "the legal arm" of the KKK's "movement."

-1990: Kirk Lyons' interview in the KKK publication, The Klansman; In which Lyons is at pains to persuade the KKK that he is part of their movement

-1992: Kirk Lyons' Interview in the neo-nazi magazine Voltreuse
Lyons' views on the Holocaust, the KKK, democracy, and the "nationalist movement" in Germany

-1992 Kirk Lyons' opinion on racial humor
As reported in the May 1992 Green Line (which evolved into MtXpress). Lyons says, "Racial humor (provides) some of the funniest jokes you ever heard. A man shouldn't go to jail for telling a nigger joke, but our childlike society can't see that."

- 1992: Kirk Lyons in KKK "Jew Watch" publication
Lyons standing in front of a burning cross and described as a "Christian Patriot"

- 1993: Kirk Lyons on Sally Jesse Raphael TV show entitled, "White-Collar Racists"
Lyons says he's a white separatist and offers to leave the country for $300,000

- 1993: Kirk Lyons Organizes Demonstration Opposing The Opening of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Lyons makes incorrect statement in anti-Semitic publication, The Spotlight, promoting the demonstration held on the day of the Holocaust Museum's dedication in Washington, DC

- 1997 Kirk Lyons' partner & brother-in-law, Dr. Neill Payne submits overtly racist email to a Civil War re-enactors web site
Payne is Executive Director of the Southern Legal Resource Center (SLRC), of which Lyons is "Chief Trial Counsel"

- 1999: Southern Legal Resource Center "advisor", H.K. Edgerton Newspaper photo of Edgerton with the Confederate Flag demonstrating outside the NAACP office in Asheville, NC

- 2000: excerpt from transcript of a video tape in which David Duke praises Kirk Lyons April 22, 2000 meeting in Virginia of the American Friends of the British National Party

- 2001: Kirk D. Lyons' associate in the Southern Legal Resource Center, Chairman H.K. Edgerton standing with Confederate flag in apparent defiance of the Asheville, NC Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Walk on the national holiday, January 15, 2001 (Note: he was in the same spot with a different version of the Confederate flag at the January 21, 2002 MLK Peace Walk

- 2001: Kirk D. Lyons and Sons of Confederate Veterans Protest in front of Asheville Citizen-Times office, Jan. 24, 2001.

- 2002: Transcript of CBS Evening News with Dan Rather   Kirk D. Lyons quoted saying "We seek nothing more than a return to a Godly, stable, tradition-based society with no 'Northern-isms' attached to it; a hierarchical society, a majority European-derived country that will make peace and a fair accord with all it's non-European derived neighbors."

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