Betty Clark


"The World As We Knew It"
5' x 4'
acrylic, mixed media on canvas
$4800 (sold)


"Toro Magnifico"
24" x 18"
acrylic, mixed media on canvas
$1800 (sold)

To begin a painting is to plunge into a journey of unknown territory. It is like traveling in a foreign country. I bring what I know and find that very little is familiar. As I paint, awareness of present surroundings dissipates and a dialogue of color and marks emerges on a surface. Memories, people, objects and ideas become paint. Generally there is not a predetermined nor anticipated outcome for a finished painting. It becomes what it is in the process. The energy of thought or non-thought becomes paint. It seems I am simply a vehicle for application. The meaning of a painting becomes apparent sometimes near completion, sometimes much later. Recent work has a calligraphic, symbolic quality. I use marks as words and as a way of resolving thoughts or ideas. On occasion buried memories or future events will appear as a symbol or collectively as a painting. I believe works cannot explain or describe the innate quality of a painting, yet I use words because they can have great power, whether written, spoken, or painted. I am passionate about color and the interaction between colors. Painting is a personal act of spiritual gratitude and wonder.

Contact Betty @ 828-252-8563.

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