MTA CALLBOARD-Volume 16, No. 1 June,1999

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Leaner/Meaner MTA
First MTA Meeting of the Year
Membership Renewal

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Vol. 16,Issue No. 1
August, 1999

Closing Notice?

Leaner/Meaner MTA

The MTA met on June 18. 1999 and voted in a series of changes that will result in a lean er more responsive organization. Declining attendance at MTA meetings over the past several years has led many to question the viability of the group. Had MTA oulived its usefullness? Why was membership remaining steady while attendance was dropping off? Or perhaps MTA was the victim of its own success!

When MTA started there was very little communication amongst the various theatres. Today producers, actors , technicians and audiences are mixing and mingling as never before. So maybe MTA hasn't outlivied its usefullness so much as succeded so well, it needed to refocus its self to the new more interactive environment of the new century.

To this end the EXCOMM board of MTA presented to the membership a set of changes in how MTA is structured. The mebership present voted in these changes at the June meeting and they will go into effect immediately. In fact this article you're reading is one of hose changes. Rather than publish a complete Callboard every quarter you will be receiving a Callboard like this one whenever there is something to let the group know. Other changes address the makeup of the board and the nature and timing of meetings.

First the board now has two Co-Chairs - Candace Sorenson and Keith Martin , a secretary (who is also responsible for the newsletters and the web site) Tom Hollis , a Treasurer- Joanna Smith and one Member a tLarge- Ginger Heath. Meetings will be held only three times a year ( see schedule ) and will not have guest speakers or be tied to specific theatres or productions, but will rather try to be held on times when everyone is not in production so they can attend on a more regular basis.

Is this the answer to all of MTA's problems? We don't know. But it is a start. You don't like what the board suggested. Come to the next meeting and say so.

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First MTA Meeting of the Year

When: Monday, August 30,1999
Where: Spirit Square, Dance Studio A, Second Floor
Time: 5:30 pm
Parking: 7th Street Station
Guests: Betsey Braun, new Exec. Director SETC and More!
Bring your Season Schedules and Staff lists
RSVP by Friday, August 27th @ 5:00pm call 333-8587, ext 116

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Membership Renewal

It's time to renew your MTA membership. If you haven't received your notice, contact Joanna Smith and she'll get you a renewal form - ASAP. MTA membership is one of the best deals there is!

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