MTA CALLBOARD-Volume 15, No. 2 January,1999

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.c1.New Spaces in the Works;;
.c1.Triple Thanks;
.c1.Next Meeting;
.c1.MTA Members Winners at NCTC;
.c1."Death" at SETC;
.c1.Carolina Theatre Saved;
.c1.Old Courthouse Youth Theatre;
.c1.NCTC Goal 2001;
.c1.SETC's 50th Anniversary;
.c1.MTA Members Present Panels;
.c1.Call for Playwrights ;
.c1.Who is that Masked Lady?;
.c1.New Web Address;
.c1.NC Professional Meeting;
.c1.Comings & Goings;
.c1.Changes at ; .c1.Afro-Am Children's Theatre;
.c1.Call for Program Topics;
.c1.Seasons On Call;
.c1.Resources On-Line;
.c1.Dates to Remember;
.c1.Membership Renewal ;

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Vol. 15,Issue No. 1
September, 1998

.c1.Charlotte Repertory Theatre Hosts MTA in February;

.c1.New Spaces in the Works;

Brian Spitler, Business Representative for Actor's Equity in the Southeastern US, will speak to a joint meeting of MTA and the First Friday of the Month Club for Working Actors ( see article "Next Meeting" for details). Mr. Spitler will discuss the state of the indpendent artist in a right to work state versus union membership requirements. Other issues under discussion will be "scabbing" by union members, recent National Labor Relations Board rulings on auditions,reciprocity with SAG and AFTRA, and recent changes in Equity rules. First Friday is a networking organization that meets, as its name implies, on the first Friday of each month to discuss issues of concern to actors in our area. This will be the second time in recent years that MTA has held a joint meeting with First Friday. The first was in the Spring of 1993. MTA and First Friday members will remember the great success of that first meeting. The joint meeting of actors and producing organizations is a big step toward increasing communication throughout the Metrolina theatre community. Please take a few minutes before the meeting to prepare questions for Mr. Spitler and for the general discussion to follow his remarks. With a 7:30pm curtain for the Children's Theatre production of Oliver, it will be important to start on time.

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Children's Theatre Hosts MTA in October

MTA will meet on October 2, 1998 at 5:30pm. Our host will be The Children's Theatre of Charlotte at Spirit Square. Please RSVP by September 23 by calling 333-8983 before 5:00pm. The show for this meeting will be Oliver. The regional spotlight will be on the Piedmont Players .

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Election Results

Candace Sorensen was elected Chair of MTA for 98-99. Keith Martin is the new Vice-Chair. Rounding out the slate of officers are Joanna Smith as Treasurer and Doug Robinson as Secretary. The Chair has chosen Tom Hollis and Ginger Heath to serve as At Large members of the Executive Committee.

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The MTA theatre family lost two of its oldest and most distinguished members over the summer with the deaths of William Ivey Long, Sr. and his wife Mary. Their contributions to theatre in the Metrolina region, their state and the nation will be truly missed.

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Theatre Charlotte Enters AACT/Fest

Theatre Charlotte has entered their production of Death of a Salesman in this year's AACT/Fest at NCTC in Lenoir. So come out and cheer them on to the regionals.

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A Note From the New Chair:

Dear MTA Members: Welcome to a new year and me, your president, leader, planner, organizer, whatever! Our goal- to make MTA as useful and as positive as a local organization can be. It needs to be a forum for networking, a forum that provides information about the theatre community on the local, state, and national level. Most of all, it needs to be an organization that serves you - the theatre professional, the theatre educator, even the plain old theatre lover!

One way to accomplish all of the above, your input. Call us, come to meetings, speak up, have a voice. I truly look forward to your participation.


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Happy Birthday

Congratulations to Daina Geisler on being 50 years young last month. Or is it? You tell us Daina!

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Mike Stair Moves

Mike Stair has moved to Charleston. His new address is
8751 Yearling Drive #6H
N. Charleston, SC 29406
Good Luck Mike!

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Thanks CPCC Summer Theatre

A big "Thank You" to CPCC Summer Theatre, the panel members, and the Union County Players for all their efforts at the June meeting.

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Boring to the Supreme Court

Keep your fingers crossed for Peggy Boring at Northwest School of the Arts. Her case comes up for review by the US Supreme Court on the first Monday of October. Good Luck Peggy!

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Membership Renewal Time

MTA membership renewals are in the mail. Joanna Smith is eagerly awaiting your checks. You didn't get one? Contact Joanna and she'll get it to you ASAP.

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Congrats to Candace!

Not only is Candace Sorensen the new Chair of MTA, but she has also been elected to the board of NCTC for the coming year. Way to go Candace!

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MTA on Board Across the Region

MTA now has members serving on the NC Arts Council Theatre Panel board(C Jane Johnson-Key Players),an NCAC Theatre Panel Guest Panelist (Bruce LaRowe, Children's Theatre), the SCTC board(Susan Smith-Rock Hill Community Theatre) , the NCTC board ( see above), and the SETC board (Ginger Heath). Help them represent us on these boards!

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AACT Prop Swap On-Line

The American Association of Community Theatre has a bulletin board on their web site ( to help members find props. The bulletin board is divided into topics so you can go directly to your area of interest. Check it out.

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New Kid on the Block

NC has a new member of the Theatre community. The NC Theatre Arts Educators (NCTAE) will hold a meeting September 11 -13 to address the needs of theatre educators acoss the state. Contact Sue Scarborough
1213 Mitchel St.
Raleigh, NC 27617
919-856-7913(work) for more info.

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Call for Callboard Contributors!

The MTA Callboard is looking for a few good (or willing) contibutors in the major areas of our membership- Professional theatres, Theatre Educators, Community theatre,and individual artists to contribute columns of interest to the members of those areas. The Callboard is bimonthly so we don't think this will be too onerous a task. We just want to make your Callboard as useful as we can. So if you're interested in representing your area, let Tom Hollis know. Or if you'd like to volunteer someone in your area, speak out.

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NCTC Takes Aim at Goal 2001

NCTC's annual fall gathering will be held November 5 - 8th at the J.E. Broyhill Civic Center in Lenoir. If you haven't received your conference packet yet, contact them at their new address(see article below). Deadline for early registration is October 2, 1998. The NCTC Board has adopted Goal 2001 to be presented to the membership at the November 1998 gathering in Lenoir. Goal 2001 is based on these facts: ¥Personal experience is the most impactful way for a person to understand the value of the arts. ¥Increased personal experiences will improve and enhance the environment of theatre in North Carolina. ¥Every theatre practitioner can contribute toward accomplishing this goal. For more information on NCTC's plan, see the meeting registration packet and attend the meeting in Lenoir.

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New Address for NCTC

Effective July 1, NCTC changed its address to P.O. Box 1656 Raleigh, NC 27602-1656 919-832-9171

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Seasons On Call

Don't see your season above? Then send in your season schedules to Keith Martin and Tom Hollis as soon as possible. Keith will enter them in the Conflict Resolution database and Tom will include them in the Callboard and see that they are posted on the web.
Remember you must send it in twice. Sending it only to Keith or Tom will not get the information to the other.

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New Web Sites to Bookmark

Actor's Equity Assoc.

Rock Hill Community Theatre

Greensboro Playwright's Forum


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MTA School Play Fest Returns

Plans are underway to revive the MTA school play festival for sometime in November. Keep an eye out for more information in future Callboards or contact Joanna Smith if you'd like to help.

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