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MAIN's mission is to provide media advocacy, information services and connectivity to underserved and progressive populations.

Community news posts provided 8-23 to 8-29 by Mark West, board member.

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8/29 - Buncombe will lose 41 percent of teaching assistants under GOP budget plan
8/29 - New evidence US cluster bombs used in Yemen
8/29 - US has freaked out about birthright citizenship before
8/29 - Carly Fiorina says the Republican Party is discriminating against her
8/28 - Report: 'Anyone who says Trump can't win is in deep denial'
8/28 - AP files suit for info on FBI 'fake reporter' operations
8/28 - Who owns WNC's water?
8/28 - The children of the rich and powerful are increasingly well suited to earning wealth
8/27 - Jeb Bush lied about meeting with Black Lives Matter activists
8/27 - Ten years after Katrina, despite privatization hype, New Orleans' schools are failing
8/27 - Rove's new ads attacking Kay Hagan contradict themselves
8/27 - Does the NC Senate want to cut mental health care funding to speed privatization?
8/26 - Ferguson, MO to withdraw thousands of arrest warrants
8/26 - Sandra Bland's death now being investigated as a murder
8/26 - Latest poll numbers bad news for RNC
8/26 - Deborah Ross may be Democratic opponent to Richard Burr
8/25 - Obscure PACs with links to Karl Rove make big media buys to support NC Senator Richard Burr
8/25 - Wildlife officers probe Macon County elk shooting
8/25 - Jeb Bush says his use of term 'anchor babies' is about Asians, not Mexicans
8/25 - Why the rich love Burning Man
8/24 - New Medicare payouts incentivize doctors to talk to patients about end-of-life decisions
8/24 - The humanities are under attack worldwide
8/24 - Jared Fogle's foundation was a sham, funded extravagant lifestyle
8/24 - Tom Ross firing related to conservative reshaping of UNC system
8/23 - Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders: was interrupting the most liberal candidate justified?
8/23 - Florida sinkhole that ate a man reopens
8/23 - China's 'airpocalypse' leading to huge investments in green technologies
8/23 - The mystery of McCrory's role in sweepstakes scandal
8/22 - Political column by Canadian author Margaret Atwood pulled from newspaper's website
8/22 - Dr. Dre apologizes to 'women I've hurt' after women go public about abuse
8/22 - NC Supreme Court rules public access to criminal database can be limited
8/21 - Regal cinema chain initiates bag searches of film-goers in effort to address security concerns
8/21 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service launches initiative to support monarch butterflies
8/21 - A clash of policies over prostitution: Sweden versus Amnesty International
8/20 - Navajo Nation's president concerned about drinking water in tanks after mine spill
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