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1/22 - NEW Limited visitation at Haywood Regional due to spike in flu
1/22 - NEW There's snow on TV, so Trump is tweeting about climate change
1/22 - NEW Trump's social media photos reportedly altered to make him look thinner, his hands bigger
1/22 - NEW ‘Senior Trump Official’ on shutdown: 'We do not want most employees to return'
1/21 - NEW Trump reportedly drinks 12 cans of Diet Coke and watches eight hours of cable news a day
1/21 - NEW Archaeologists discover a canister of facial cream from the Roman era with the imprints of the user's fingers
1/21 - NEW Thousands still without power Sunday night after high winds hammer WNC
1/21 - NEW Trump's slippage in support is real
1/19 - Asheville police are looking for suspect in armed robbery at West Asheville convenience store
1/19 - Greatest dealmaker in history is getting "crushed," and his fans are starting to notice
1/19 - FBI agents contacted two lawmakers regarding House speaker Tim Moore
1/19 - In rare move, Mueller's office denies report that Trump told Cohen to lie
1/19 - State House speaker invites Trump to give his State of the Union in North Carolina
1/18 - Trump retaliates against Pelosi, cancels her trip abroad
1/18 - Authorities: Driver still at large after ramming patrol cars in high-speed chase through Buncombe, Henderson counties
1/18 - For seventh consecutive year, visa overstas exceeded illegl border crossings
1/18 - North Carolina gets an 'F' on how equally it treats mental and physical health issues
1/17 - Firefighters battle blaze at Fairview Baptist Church
1/17 - Poll: Majority of millennials do not like Trump, Twitter
1/17 - Attorney general places stipulations on Mission hospital deal
1/17 - Antarctic ice is melting six times faster now than in 1979
1/16 - NC county fought for public prayer, and lost; now it has to pay the ACLU $285k
1/16 - Assault just the latest in growing number of police calls to Asheville Mall
1/16 - Bio sketch revisions remove reference to a four-year degree for Mark Meadows
1/16 - Earth's magnetic field is acting up and geologists don't know why
1/15 - Healthcare may be crucial issue in upcoming Presidential election, Gallup says
1/15 - Why the shutdown disproportionately affects Black Americans
1/15 - Sandy Hook parents win victory in lawsuit against Alex Jones, Infowars
1/15 - Rand Paul heading to Canada, land of universal health care, for surgery
1/14 - Historic Shakespeare theater in Stratford, CT burns to the ground
1/14 - How anti-vax pseudoscience seeps into public discourse
1/14 - Charlotte diocese undecided about naming accused priests
1/14 - Evidence shows Richard Burr coordinated with NRA in 2016 Election
1/13 - Fire truck goes in creek on way to Weaverville house fire
1/13 - Stacey Abrams wins major victory as judge rules all votes must be counted in Georgia governor's election
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