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HomeHelpWin9xRe-install Dial Up Networking

    To re-install Dial Up Networking:

  1. Click on Start.
  2. Scroll up to Settings, then click Control Panel.
  3. Once in the Control Panel, open Add/Remove Programs with a double-click.
  4. There are three tabs in this window: Install/Uninstall, Windows Set-Up, and Start-Up Disk.
  5. Choose the Windows Set-Up tab.
  6. Double-click the telephone icon for Communications.
  7. Find Dial Up Networking and click the check mark to turn it off.
  8. If prompted to remove other components at that time, click Yes.
  9. Now click OK to exit from both windows.
  10. If prompted to reboot at this point, click No.
  11. Now go back to the Communications window. (See above).
  12. Turn the check mark back on for Dial Up Networking by clicking in the empty box. (NOTE: If the check mark is still on, go back to number 7 above, and reboot when prompted in number 10.)
  13. Click OK to exit from each of those windows again.
  14. Refuse the reboot once again.
  15. From the Control Panel window, now open the Network icon with a double-click.
  16. There will be three tabs in this window: Configuration, Identification, and Access Control.
  17. Choose Configuration.
  18. There you will see a list titled: "The following network components are installed."
  19. Look for TCP/IP (or TCP/IP -> Dial-Up Adapter if you have that.) If you don't have that, proceed with the next step, otherwise skip to step 27.
  20. If you don't see the TCP/IP protocol, you should see three buttons below the list in this window: Add, Remove, and Properties. Click Add.
  21. You will then have a list including: Client, Adapter, Protocol, And Service. Click Protocol and a window entitled "Select Network Protocol" will open.
  22. There will be two panels in this window. In the left panel, click Microsoft (Scroll down to find if necessary.)
  23. In the right panel, click TCP/IP. Click OK.
  24. Click TCP/IP (or TCP/IP -> Dial Up Adapter if it's there.)
  25. Click OK if you get a warning message "You have asked to change..."
  26. Click the WINS configuration tab (if you don't have one skip to step 31).
  27. Click Disable WINS.
  28. Click OK on each open window and close the Control Panel.
  29. Restart the computer if prompted, or by clicking Start-Shutdown...