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Importing your AOL Address Book to Windows

Here are the steps to take to convert your existing AOL address book for use with a Windows-based email program:
  1. Save your address book to your Desktop as a 'pfc' file. (This will happen automatically.)
  2. Open that file in Microsoft Word or other word processing program.
  3. To replace all .comAOL with .com:
    • Go to Edit => Replace in the Word menu.
    • Then click in Find, and type .comAOL
    • Click in Replace with and enter .com
  4. Delete all strange symbols and characters or blank lines.
  5. Go to File => Save As
  6. Save in .txt format.
  7. Quit Word or word processor.
  8. Go to the the Windows Start button => Programs => Accessories => Address Book
  9. Go to File => Import => Other Address Book
  10. Choose Text File (Comma Separted Values)
  11. Click Import
  12. Click Browse, locate and open the file you saved in instruction #6 above.
  13. Done!

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