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Home / Community Network News / Sen. Steve Metcalf
Statement by State Sen. Steve Metcalf:

"Thank you for your support of the Clean Smokestacks Act. As you already know, Senate Bill 1078 passed the Senate and was sent to the House of Representatives for consideration.

"During the next few days, lawmakers in the North Carolina House of Representatives will make a decision about these issues, as they debate the Clean Smokestacks Act. This legislation, would reduce air pollution produced by the 14 coal-fired power plants in North Carolina by nearly 75 percent during the next decade.

"While the debate around this bill will concern the need - and cost - of cleaning up our air, make no mistake: The House's decision will affect much larger issues, including the future of our state, its economy and our environment, and the health of our children.

"Should the House approve the legislation, Gov. Easley has indicated he is ready to sign it into law, making North Carolina a national leader in the effort to reduce air pollution.

"I will be doing all I can to convince our colleagues in the House to support Senate Bill 1078. I need you to be part of this effort. It is very important that you contact the speaker of the House, Jim Black at and let him know you support this legislation.

"The vote on the Clean Smokestacks Act is too close to call, and adding your voice to the effort will help. So call or write soon because the stakes are too high for western North Carolina, our children and their future to sit on the sidelines."