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Family Visitation Center to open in Asheville

The Family Visitation Center Group, Inc., announces the opening of The Family Visitation Center, a Center dedicated to providing monitored exchanges and supervised visitation services to families in need of a neutral and safe environment to interact with their children. The primary mission is of the Center is to provide a safe, friendly space for the exchange and visitation between children and adult relatives in cases involving neglect, escalated conflict, acrimonious separation and divorce, substance abuse and reunification of family members.

The Family Visitation Center Group, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, offers a child-focused service, which provides a safe and comfortable place for parents and children to build positive relationships. The philosophy of the organization is that children have a right and a need to a relationship with family members in a safe, trauma-free environment.

The community is invited to an Open House at the Center on August 16th, from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm. Located in the Parish House of St. Matthias Episcopal Church, off S. Charlotte Street in downtown Asheville, The Family Visitation Center Group, Inc. was formed by professionals working in the judicial, legal, mental health, law enforcement, religious communities and social service areas. The members of this group continuously encountered families struggling to find a safe place, particularly during evening and weekend hours, where children could be exchanged without conflict or threat of violence.

Together with other agencies in the community, a need was identified for a Family Visitation Center in this area. The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Inc., Janirve Foundation, Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Foundation, Inc., and individual contributors throughout the community have provided funding for start-up costs for the Center. Modeled upon the over 150 existing centers throughout the United States and Canada, and a member of the Supervised Visitation Network, The Centerís services may be accessed by individual contact, or by referral from the Courts, Child Support Enforcement, the Department of Social Services or other community agencies. Services are offered on a sliding fee scale, according to a familyís income.

Volunteers are also needed to assist in the exchange and supervision of families and children. Training is provided. Donations of books, games, toys, paper and art supplies, non-violent childrenís videos, and puzzles for children ages 2 months to 10 years of age are always appreciated. For more information, please call Heidi H. Stewart, the Executive Director of the Center at (828) 225-0740.

The Family Visitation Center Group, Inc.
One Dundee St. Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 225-0740 Facsimile (828) 225-0490

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