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Volunteer Opportunities and Internships

Here are our current internships with several volunteer opporunities.

Please write and tell us about yourself, your background, interests, experiences, skills, and a recent resume if you have one available. Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Solar Building Practicum

We are in the process of designing and building an energy-efficient, passive solar cabin here in the mountains. Individuals with skills or those who are interested in learning building skills are welcome year-round. Length of internship commitment is flexible, and food and shelter are available. Thanks for considering helping us to spread the word of sustainable living in harmony with nature. In gratitude and service to Mother Gaia!

Organic Orcharding & Permaculture Design

The Center is growing several hundred old-time apple varieties, nectarine, peach, pear, plum, cherries, Hall's Hardy Almond, and other tree crops including some blight-resistant American Chestnuts. We have nurseries of both antique apples and blight-resistant American Chestnuts. We will be preparing the site and planting out 200 American Chestnut seedlings as part of our joint research project with the American Chestnut Foundation.

We will be planting out extirpated Fraser Fir Tree seedlings as part of our ecological restoration work on the pristine Rough Creek Watershed. We will be doing pruning and other orchard and edible landscape management tasks (e.g., transplanting blueberries, apples, and others) this year, and clearing some terraces for new plantings.

We appreciate any interns who would like to learn more about organic orcharding and edible landscaping. Flexible commitment, but obviously the internship is most fully experienced over 4 seasons. The sustainable future is growing!

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