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Posted Jan. 12, 2002

Kirk Lyons has complained that he is unfairly condemned to "guilt by association" regarding his nearly-fifteen years of working with prominent leaders in the white supremacy movment. His protestations are unconvincing because he doesn't seem to renounce those associations or the views of those with whom he has associated himself.

Here is yet another 'association' which deserves attention.

As the controversy over Kirk Lyons' presence in the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization boils, Lyons' connection with a long-time white supremacist comes out in a recently received video tape:


On the speakers podium at the April 22, 2000 meeting of the American Friends of the BNP (British National Party) were:

-David Duke-- National Organization For European-American Rights(NOFEAR);

-Kirk Lyons--Chief Trial Attorney for the Southern Legal Resource Center(SLRC);

Nick Griffin --Chairman of the BNP

Roy Armstrong--National Party of Germany)

The meeting was held in a restaurant in Arlington, VA.

According to a video tape of that event, when David Duke spoke, he said the following about Kirk Lyons:

"I want to mention a man who has really inspired me in many ways. You've got over here to my right an individual who has been like a, a white knight to so many European-Americans who have been in trouble with ZOG*, in trouble with our government, and in trouble in the struggle. He's fought their legal battles, often at his own expense; untold hours of toil and work and sacrifice this man has made for so many hundreds, if not thousands of people across the United States for this cause. (Amidst applause) He's done a fantastic job."

David Duke
April 22, 2000

*NOTE: "ZOG" is a term used by white supremacists which means "Zionist Occupational Government." It refers to the government of the United States and expresses their view that the government is controlled by Jewish Americans. The term is considered anti-Semitic.

WNCCEIB Observation:
Kirk Lyons used the term "ZOG" himself in an early 90s interview in The Klansman publication in which he bemoaned the U.S. government forces aligned against, what he called, "the movement." He also

1) led a demonstration against the opening of the Holocaust Museum at its 1993 dedication in Washington, D.C.,

2) has expressed doubts about the Holocaust at "Historical Review" conferences;

3) has partied on Kristallnaucht's anniversary;

4) has praised Hitler to a neo-Nazi group in Germany,

5) has defended in court Holocaust-denier Frederick Leuchter, and,

6) had as one of the three incorporators of his now-mothballed CAUSE FOUNDATION, Sam Dickson, a former lawyer for David Duke and a leader in one of the country's foremost Holocaust-denial organizations, the Institute for Historical Review.

Thus, Lyons, whose best man at his wedding was Louis Beam, a former Texas Grand Dragon of the KKK, may well be pleased to receive praise from another one-time Grand Dragon of the KKK.

Duke decided to change tactics, if not philosophy, some years ago, using a 'more moderate, palatable' line. Similarly, Lyons advised the KKK to change tactics in a 1992 interview with the German neo-Nazi magazine "Volkstreue" when he was asked about the effectiveness of today's Klan:

"I have great respect for the Klan historically, but, sadly, the Klan today is ineffective and sometimes even destructive. There are many spies in it and most of its best leaders have left the Klan to do more effective work within the movement.
It would be good if the Klan followed the advice of former Klansman Robert Miles: 'Become invisible. Hang the robes and hoods in the cupboard and become an underground organization.' This would make the Klan stronger than ever before." Kirk Lyons, 1992

WNCCEIB considers Lyons' work with the Southern Legal Resource Center to be an expression of this advice and Lyons' way of building a bigger tent for his white separatist, if not supremacist, views.

In that same interview with Volkstreue, when asked about his thoughts on 'democracy,' Lyons responded: "Democracy is a farce and a failure. I don't believe in democracy."

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