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Kirk D. Lyons on the Sally Jessy Raphael TV-Talk Show

Program entitled: "White-Collar Racists" First aired: March 18, 1993

By using the individual "Page" links below, you may access the entire transcript of the March 18, 1993 Sally Jessy Raphael show on which Kirk Lyons appeared. You will need to click "Back" on your tool bar at the end of each page to return to this page and then click on the next page you wish to read. This nine-page transcript was ordered by from the Sally Jessy Raphael show and is Transcript #1183.

Kirk D. Lyons makes several revealing comments, including an offer to leave the country for $300,000. (Pages 8 & 9) Excerpts of other comments follow the page links:

Page 1 Introduction, Lyons does not speak

Page 2 Lyons indicates it might be OK to send Blacks back to Africa and that barring that, we should sit down and "divvy" up the country among the races:

Lyons: "I'm not convinced we that we can send them back. I don't think that it's a possibility. It may be. It's-that may be pie in the sky. Let's sit down and divvy up the country....

Page 3 Lyons is challenged by an audience member:

1st Audience Member: "What gives you the right to determine who should go where and who should be where?"

Lyons: "This is the United States. The reason Indians don't have the country is because they had a horrible immigration policy, OK. That's the reason the Indians don't have it. We took it from them."

1st Audience Member: "My ancestors are Italian. And what if the United States-

Lyons: "We took it from them just like the colonists came and too Africa in the 19th century and the Africans got it back-part of it."

1st Audience member: But who are you to say what we-what this country should allow and not allow? Who gives you the right-

Lyons: "I'm basing it upon about a 200-year experiment that has failed-"

Lyons refers to "Roosevelt's warmonger" and appears to indicate he supported being a "conscientious objector in World War II" and then notes that "Fifty million white people died during World War II for the Jews."

Page 4 Lyons claims not to be a "white supremacist" but a "white separatist":

Lyons: "Now, wait a minute. Supremacy is the old order, the segregation days when the white owned the black. We're not talking about supremacy. We're talking about separatism so don't mischaracterize what we say.

Sally: Sorry. White separatists.

Lyons: Separatism. That's the word.

Page 5 Lyons comments on slavery and associates slavery with Jews:

Lyons: "The white people did not bring the blacks from Africa. Their own chieftains-

Lyons: "All the ships owned at that time were owned by Jewish companies. They went to Africa. Their own tribal chieftains ran their own people down and sold them to the Jewish ship owners."

Lyons: "All the white man ever did was bring the blacks here to the United States."

Page 6 Lyons makes one brief comment about multi-culturalism and how it has "failed."

Page 7 Lyons makes many comments as the show deteriorates into crosstalk:

4th Audience Member: The white separatists make me almost ashamed to be white. You are really fanatics.

Lyons: "We'll let you out."

Page 8 Lyons offers to leave the country for $300,000:

Lyons: "You know what? I have to say this. I can't hold it anymore. You guys don't love this country. There a new invention in town. It's called an airplane, and they offer one-way tickets."

7th Audience Member: I have a question. I have a question for the two-

Lyons: "I am going to get this out."

7th Audience Member: Before you continue, sir-

Lyons: "If someone will give me $300,000, I will leave this country. I will leave tomorrow. I'll move tomorrow."

Page 9 Lyons, apparently angry, again offers to leave for $300,000:

10th Audience Member: You should go back where you come from.

Lyons: "For $300,000, I will."

-end of show-

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