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Kirk D. Lyons' membership in the Neo-Nazi National Alliance

In the spring of 2002, Kirk D. Lyons released a document entitled, "Affidavit of Kirk D. Lyons." Apparently the purpose of the "Affidavit" was to convince members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization that he has nothing to hide and would be a good "Department Commander" in the organization. Lyons is a candidate for that post.

Lyons claims in the Affidavit that the material in the Affidavit is true, "that under the penalty of perjury I swear on the Holy Bible to the following:"   What follows is a long litany of what Lyons claims are inaccuracies circulating about him. Among the items mentioned, Lyons says:

"...I am not a member of any extremist, radical, white supremacist, ku klux klan, skinhead, neo-nazi, right wing, paramilitary, underground or illegal organization, not now or ever."

Lyons has made such statements before. To understand how Lyons wiggles around the accuracy of his statements, consider the fact that the foremost Neo-Nazi organization in the United States, the National Alliance, once touted Lyons as a member and praised the work he was doing to defend "White patriots who are persecuted by the System."

Click here to see an article from the National Alliance's Nov-Dec. 1989 "Bulletin" newsletter (as you scroll down, note the "Plaintiff's Exhibit 23a" to the right of the document; this was part of the evidence in a civil suit against National Alliance head, William Pierce)

Here is an excerpt from another section of our web site:

Lyons: In the September 18, 2000 edition of the Asheville(NC) Citizen-Tmes, Kirk D. Lyons was quoted as saying: "I have never been a member of the National Alliance. As a court-certified expert on right wing groups, I received National Alliance publicatiions and had to send money every month to get them. I was a member, like (SPLC's Morris)Dees was and is: to get information."

("not now or ever"??)   Here is the rest of the story:

William Pierce who heads up that leading national neo-Nazi organization didn't see it that way. In his Nov-Dec. 1989 "National Alliance Bulletin," Pierce included a glowing piece entitled, "Member Forms Legal Foundation" about Lyons creating the Patriots Defense Foundation "to do for our people what the Jews have done for our enemies with the National Lawyers Guild, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and the Southern Poverty Law Center and a dozen other anti-White legal attack groups." Pierce urged other members to send Lyons contributions.
   If Pierce thought Lyons and Dees were members for the same reason("to get information"), why did he not also praise Dees and urge members to send him money? Lyons, to our knowledge, has never publicly protested this endorsement in the National Alliance Bulletin or renounced Pierce's neo-Nazi philosophy. If he does so, statements like this one he made in his commentary might be more believable.

To see the full item, click on the link: October 21, 2000 Kirk D. Lyons' Rebuttal Full of Holes, Item No. 9

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