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Kirk D. Lyons Organizes Demonstration
at Dedication of Holocaust Museum

April 22, 1993 Washington, D.C.

As reported March 15, 1993 in The Spotlight, an anti-Semitic publication

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Below is an easier-to-read transcription of the caption in The Spotlight article:

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The Spotlight "On People"

OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY- In response to a number of concerns over the opening of a $150 million museum on the Mall in Washington dedicated to the "holocaust" of World War II, a coalition group calling itself ENOUGH is organizing a public program to counter the expected extravaganza on the Mall associated with the museum's opening ceremonies on April 22. According to organizer, Kirk D. Lyons, a site is now being negotiated with the National Park Service.
According to Lyons:

"On April 22 Americans can show their concern over the squandering of $150 million of taxpayer money. Veterans and survivors of the USS Liberty; Japanese-Americans interned in American concentration camps during the war; survivors of the true holocausts of Hiroshima, Dresden and Hamburg; native American victims of a policy of extermination; African American descendants of slaves; Ukrainians, Baltic peoples, Poles, and other Europeans murdered in the millions during and after the war; all can only guess why their ludicrous sufferings are not fit for inclusion in this museum. Revisionists cast doubt as to whether the museum is built upon an enormous falsehood. Clearly there is a question as to the propriety of catering to the whims of a powerful special interest group that wants a monopoly on its own sufferings."

Interested persons may contact Lyons at ENOUGH, 325 Pennsylvania Ave. SW, Washington, D.C. 20003; (202)-319-8357

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WNCCEIB NOTE: Accompanying the article is a large photo of Kirk D. Lyons

WNCCEIB Observation:
Kirk D. Lyons' apparent anti-Semitic intent is evident in the framing of this promo for the demonstration. Having spoken himself, at 'revisionist' meetings in this country, in England and in Europe, Kirk D. Lyons has a long association with Holocaust-deniers.

Lyons is apparently incorrect about the amount and the source of funds for building the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. He claims in this organizing promo that "$150 million of taxpayer money" has been "squandered." In fact, according to the Holocaust Museum's own 1993 Museum Fact Sheet, the site for the museum was designated by Congress and "the $168 million needed to build and equip the Museum is being raised from private donations through a national fundraising campaign."

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