Mountain Area Information Network

Madison County

In Madison County, wireless service is available in downtown Marshall, north of Mars Hill, and a six-mile radius of Barnett Mountain (west of Marshall).

Anyone who can see a transmitter site (by eye, binoculars or telescope), and is within that site's broadcast region, will most likely be able to receive service even at extended distances of up to 15 miles.

Services and Prices
Wireless plan Residential Silver Residential Gold Commercial Silver Commercial Gold*
Max. bandwidth Up to 512Kb/s Up to 1Mb/s Up to 512Kb/s Up to 4Mb/s
Monthly access fee $35 $60 $45 $75
Installation fee $99** $99** $99** $99**
Email accounts 5 5 10 20
Postini spam/virus filter Free Free Free Free
Web space 25MB 25MB 50MB 100MB
Monthly transfer limit 15GB 15GB 20GB 25GB
Backup dialup account Free Free Free Free

* Inquire for higher speeds only available in downtown Marshall.

** Minimum charge includes up to 3 hours of labor and all hardware required for a basic installation. Additional time will be billed at $50/hr and cost for additional hardware, materials and labor will be due at the time of installation.

Please fill out an inquiry form to find out whether you are within range. Even if you know you are not in range, submitting an inquiry will inform us of neighborhoods with strong interest in wireless, and encourage us to build our network there. Ask your neighbors to send in their inquiries and support, too!

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