Mountain Area Information Network

How your donation will a make a difference

Here's how your contribution to MAIN's $50,000 Capital Campaign will be used:

Amy Goodman
Amy Goodman in Asheville
  • Expanded broadband access as MAIN adds the new “WiFi on Steroids” technology to its wireless network. ($20,000)
  • A stronger MAIN-FM radio signal and much larger audience for local voices and progressive programming, such as Democracy Now! and the Thom Hartmann Show. ($15,000)
  • Hiring an interim executive director as MAIN's founder, Wally Bowen, focuses on his health and continuing leadership in media policy advocacy. ($15,000)
  • Ongoing advocacy for media policies that enrich Main Street, not just Wall Street. (Donated)
Wally Bowen
Wally Bowen at FCC hearing

Please Note: This distribution of funds is approximate and subject to change.