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Corporate control of the Internet and broadcast media is the civil rights issue of our time.

Take Back the Media

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Radio in Western North Carolina, like in many places, is dominated by corporate voices. Clear Channel, for example, owns WWNC, an Asheville radio station that at times has had the highest percentage of listeners of any radio station in any market in the United States — and a radio station featuring a steady diet of conservative talk.

And Clear Channel was taken private by Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital. The hugely profitable firm that resulted is the largest private radio company on Earth. They own broadcast towers, chunks of XM Radio, and are involved in intricate business deals with music syndicates, billboard firms, and musicians like “Fleetwood Mac.”

You can see what we're up against.

Since 1995, we've relied on your support to continue MAIN's push for broadband access and FM radio that supports Main Street, not Wall Street. And our successes have been significant.

These victories were hard-fought and years in the making.

And they're hard to keep. As you have read elsewhere in this newsletter, only through the generous donation of a patron will we soon be able to return to the airwaves.

By donating now, you can help turn these policy victories into real-life expansion of community broadband and radio access for Asheville and WNC.

And you won't ever have a better or more crucial time to donate.

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