Mountain Area Information Network

MAIN Board Acts on WPVM

Press Release:
From Mountain Area Information Network Board of Trustees
9 September 2008

In action taken 8 Sep. 2008, the Mountain Area Information Network Board of Trustees:

Refuses the resignation letter of Station Manager, Jason Holland;

Recommends a new governance structure requiring WPVM to report directly to a subcommittee of the board;

Encourages the Executive Director to strengthen his oversight of the wireless ISP, media reform advocacy, and fundraising dimensions of MAIN;

And issues the following statement:

The Board of the Mountain Area Information Network (MAIN) wishes to thank Gillian Coats, volunteer at WPVM, for her remarkable contributions to the growth and success of the radio station, and the Board regrets the circumstances surrounding Ms. Coats' departure from the station. We will miss her leadership.

The Board holds itself responsible for the events that took place, since we failed to take action to resolve a longstanding disagreement over station policy between Ms. Coats, MAIN, and our Executive Director, Wally Bowen.

Given our lack of prompt action, Mr. Bowen had no choice but to take steps to bring the matter to a close. The Board apologizes to both Wally and Gillian for not having brought about a more graceful resolution.

George Peery,
Chair, MAIN Board of Trustees