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The best links here are really of two types. I prefer personalized webpages of information such as mine, and "Index of specialized topics" like the Arachnological Hub of the WWW. Organization is the key to the internet's future, and if we rely on 'overview search engines', we will be inundated with commercial sites that provide a little information or entertainment, but are really trying to sell us something. Look at what happened to TV. Specialized index sites offer a great advantage over searching blindly on the web.


Sites that are great organized indexes. A site of sites (plus more, probably).


Sites that are home pages.


Sites that are non-profit organizations or government agencies.


Sites that are educational organizations.


Sites that are commercial, but offer information.



NC Natural Logo

.comThe whole NCnatural site is a beautiful one. Wildflowers, The Blue Ridge Parkway, NC Festivals and Events, and everything is addressed here. A labor of love, definitely.


Index.orgThe National Botany Information Infrastructure is a resource of resources run by a government agency, the NBII (Actually a federation of partners, headed up by the already net-savvy USGS). It is a great place to start to look for botanical information online and references tons of educational and organizational websites who's aim is to supply information to the internet, and keep the data side strong.


HomeNature Close to Home: Signs, Season, and Stories. This is a collection of thoughts and observations by the naturalist only known as 'Jim'. His journal entries are more like poems and his stories are moments of touching softly the world of his beautiful meadows and mountains of Colorado. Jim loves the spirit of the west, and, appropriately his voice is rhythmic and sparse and perhaps a bit distant in its ruggedness. Almost a "Mullein Award" winner.

Mullein Award Winner!HomeThe Sonoran Desert Naturalist Homepage is a great collection of nature observing and personal expansion by desert-lover Michael J. Plagens. He organizes his journal entries into various subjects where they can be explored collectively, something i should learn to do. Interspersed are photos and links to photos. Where he doesn't take the pictures himself he gives proper credit and a link to wash it down. He has helpful hints to bring nature home to you and you to nature, all in his own direct style. A very friendly place to visit and think, especially if you love the Southwest desert and its spirit. A definite MULLEIN AWARD winning site!

Mullein Award Winner!Even though it's a .com, Fiona's naturalist site 'Asheville Natural' isn't selling anything. In fact, she gives away great information about trails and hikes in the general Asheville area, quite a bit of it as a matter of fact. There's also a plant index that i'm envious of... not to mention information about where to buy native wildflowers and herbs, too. The real beauty of the site though is her journal - a naturalist's journal like i wanna grow up and be. Fiona reports what she see's and she's a great observer. I hadn't thought about the large amount of fireflies this year, nor suspected the plural of grouse might be grice. She is not only observant, and friendly, but the site is kept simple, and fits all the requirements of a Mullein Award winner... even *with* the animated graphic of the chipmunk sniffing.


Plants & Fungi - Links to flowering plants, fungi, trees, and a bunch of agricultural and botanic sites

Animals - Links to insects, spiders and other animals of WNC

Hikes and Recreation - Links to local hiking (mostly), places to dine and eat, places to go have fun while in WNC.

Misc. - Links to commercial sites and inspirational sites.