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12/12 - NEW Reporters Without Borders: Dictators quoting Trump in press crackdowns
12/12 - NEW Trump wants you to tip restaurant owners, not servers
12/12 - NEW Is Art Pope pushing for a second Constitutional Convention?
12/12 - NEW Alabama demands voter ID in runup to Moore election, then closes driver's license offices in Black counties
12/11 - Is a new conservative program coming to UNC Chapel Hill?
12/11 - Here's why boats full of dead people from North Korea keep showing up in Japan
12/11 - Bitcoin: an investment mania for the fake news era
12/11 - Microbes by the ton: Officials see weapons threat as North Korea gains biotech expertise
12/10 - Atlantic Coast Pipeline sues NC landowners, asks federal court to allow "quick take" of properties
12/10 - Trump bans Jewish Democrats from White House Hanukkah party
12/10 - Strange UFOs reported in Denver, SC, other spots
12/10 - How a midlevel school became The University of Adidas at Louisville
12/09 - Why weren't any historically black colleges picked for NC's new Teaching Fellows program?
12/09 - When libertarian judges rule
12/09 - Confederate flags pop up at Canton Christmas parade
12/09 - Number one in US readership today: David Brooks, The Gop is rotting from the inside
12/08 - Billionaire trying to take over NC schools gave $50,000 to Dan Forest
12/08 - Ray's Weather Center calls for three to six inches of snow for Asheville
12/08 - Donald Trump thinks pets are 'low class,' and people are angry
12/07 - NC has an immense hog waste problem
12/07 - One year later, Buncombe County gives lowest-paid staff previously approved 1.5 percent raise
12/07 - Trump, Israel, and the art of the giveaway
12/07 - Why are America's farmers killing themselves in record numbers?
12/06 - White House: Jerusalem embassy move a 'recognition of reality'
12/06 - Moral Monday movement goes nationwide
12/06 - Head of National Enquirer accused of seual misconduct
12/06 - In schools, a growing push to recognize Jewish and Muslim holidays
12/05 - Thirteen whooping cough cases reported in Henderson County
12/05 - Panel begins work in NC to stop punishing juvenile offenders as adults
12/05 - Trump renegs on campaign promises, rolls out plan to attack skilled immigration
12/05 - NC Senate Special Master releases final non-partisan redistricting plans
12/04 - As pressure mounts, Trump lashes out - against Hillary Clinton
12/04 - Why consumers shouldn't pay for Duke Energy's coal ash bungles
12/04 - Navajo Nation asks White House for apology and to keep word to Navajo Code Talkers
12/04 - US quits UN global compact on migration, says it'll set its own policy
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