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6/30 - NEW GOP doubles-down on HB2 bigotry: Sex reassignment "certificate" required
6/30 - NEW Charlotte Observer: Republicans are ruining NC through malicious war on poor, gays
6/30 - NEW After Brexit vote, UK sees wave of hate crimes, racial abuse
6/30 - NEW More discrepancies between record and autobiography of right-wing hero Ameican Sniper Chris Kyle
6/29 - For Trump and Clinton, road to White House goes through NC
6/29 - Lack of accountability at the NC ballot box allows ideology to run amok
6/29 - Why young Americans are giving up on capitalism
6/29 - Trump promised millions to charity, but gave only $10,000 over seven years
6/28 - Charles Koch is hijacking universities with his billions
6/28 - Texas Supreme Court says OK not to educate children if parents think Rapture is coming soon
6/28 - NC legislature proposes constitutional changes to make their damage permanent
6/28 - Pope condemns arms industry, gun owners
6/27 - Senate Bill 867 removes NC teachers' right to protest
6/27 - Pope says Church should ask forgiveness from gays for past treatment
6/27 - Poll shows Trump's June has been a public-opinion disaster
6/27 - How American politics went insane
6/26 - Report: Ban on transgender service members will be repealed
6/26 - Ivanka: Trump kept Hitler's speeches at bedside
6/26 - James Dobson says Trump now has a personal relationship with Jesus
6/26 - George Will leaves the GOP
6/25 - Apodaca signs document saying that bill making Asheville city council elections by district is non-controversial, needs no hearings
6/25 - After Brexit vote, Britain asks Google: "What is the EU?"
6/25 - Charlotte's Whitewater Center closes after brain-eating amoeba found in water; one teen dead
6/25 - Trump supporters say whites face as much discrimination as minorities, according to study
6/24 - NC GOP-controlled Senate would vastly expand school voucher program
6/24 - Donald Trump says Brexit is 'a great thing' as he visits UK to open a golf course
6/24 - Gunman opens fire at Sikh temple in Wisconsin; seven dead
6/24 - Pound to dollar exchange rate hits lowest rate in 30 years after UK votes to leave EU
6/23 - Funding threatened for NC cities ignoring state's repressive immigration laws
6/23 - Research shows relationship between banning rapid-fire weapons and reduction of deaths in Australia
6/23 - In copyright hearing, Robert Plant testifies he can not read music or remember the 1960s
6/23 - Sit-in on gun-control measure is a sign of how much the Democratic Party has changed
6/22 - Is Donald Trump's endgame the launch of a television network?
6/22 - Higher ed group blasts NC's income tax cap for richest residents
6/22 - Dallas group to auction off Native American relics despite tribe’s objections
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