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3/31 - NEW Current wave of 'religious liberty' laws have roots in segregation-era legislation
3/31 - NEW John McCain suggests Israel start war with Iran to derail negotiations
3/31 - NEW NC GOP lawmakers want hospitals to be able to turn away gay patients
3/31 - NEW Guinea declares 45-day Ebola emergency
3/30 - Seven months after exoneration, McCrory still has not pardoned two African-Americans
3/30 - Rural GOP legislator propose bill to redistribute NC sales tax monies from urban areas
3/30 - Krugman: With actual cost of Obamacare lower than projected, GOP liars going full-tilt
3/30 - Fracking boom and bust has trapped laid-off workers in North Dakota
3/29 - Indiana gov. says he didn't anticipate 'hostility' over anti-gay law
3/29 - GOP congresswoman gets surprise when she asked for horror stories about Obamacare
3/29 - Angie's List won't expand Indianapolis headquarters due to state's new anti-gay law
3/29 - Jeremy Clarkson issue is about bullying, not free speech
3/28 - video Monsanto lobbyist says Roundup safe enough to drink until reporter offers him a glass
3/28 - Asheville restaurant workers unite for labor rights
3/28 - GA legislators on the record: 'Religious liberty' bill is anti-gay
3/28 - Charles Barkley wants Final Four to move from Indiana after anti-gay law passes there
3/26 - Indiana gov. to sign bill letting businesses turn away gays
3/26 - Georgia women arrested protesting bill that would let employers fire women who have had an abortion
3/26 - Senate GOP urges privatizations of NC ferries
3/26 - Teaching evolution at a flagship university means having students say they'll pray you don't burn in hell
3/25 - Costa Rica has used only renewable energy this year
3/25 - McCrory proposes huge cuts for NC parks
3/25 - Bird flu mutating in China, threatens pandemic
3/24 - Despite the facts, America still lies about how US economy built on slavery
3/24 - Suicide among medical doctors becoming significant problem in US
3/24 - House bill aims to make all NC school board elections partisan
3/24 - New Yorker: The political crackdown at the UNC system
3/23 - House GOP lauds Netanyahu's election tactics, according to Atlantic Monthly
3/23 - Kerr-McGee, Anadarko pay record EPA settlement
3/23 - Wilmington film industry fading into obscurity, thanks to NC GOP
3/23 - Bobby Jindal says immigrants to US must believe in American exceptionalism
3/22 - NC home-schooled children get free pass on vaccination requirements
3/22 - Wisconsin abortion restrictions ruled unconstitutional
3/22 - Study shows average full-time professor puts in 61-hour work week
3/22 - N&O: Republican Party becoming ever whiter
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