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MAIN News Archives for February 2018

02/18 -  How trolls work: Russia sparked fear at Missouri during 2015 protests
02/18 -  Candler couple's love of 'possums, other critters,' leads to Hall of Fame
02/18 -  Trump says FBI missed Florida shooter 'signals' spending 'too much time trying to prove Russian collusion'
02/17 -  Russian conspiracy targeted Charlotte and North Carolina, Mueller indictment says
02/17 -  Woolly mammoth on verge of resurrection, scientists reveal
02/17 -  Mueller’s latest indictment shows Trump has helped Putin cover up a crime
02/17 -  Burr, Tillis received more NRA cash than most US lawmakers
02/17 -  Pro-gun Russian bots flood Twitter after Parkland shooting
02/16 -  Wilmington lands first 2018 film project
02/16 -  Teachers were heroes as Florida politicians cower before NRA
02/16 -  White House refuses to release photo of Trump signing bill to weaken gun law
02/15 -  NC Harm Reduction Coalition gets $1 million grant to battle opioid epidemic
02/15 -  Why Patrick McHenry (NC) is the payday loan industry's favorite congressman
02/15 -  Mass shootings are getting deadlier, and all have something new in common: The AR-15
02/14 -  Giant tax cuts are going into buybacks, not wage hikes
02/14 -  Russians flock to Trump properties to give birth to US citizens
02/14 -  Walmart has become crime magnet in many North Carolina cities
02/13 -  TV networks did poor job reporting on climate change last year
02/13 -  The smearing of Governor Cooper
02/13 -  Trump proposes eliminating federal funding for PBS, NPR
02/12 -  Trump budget plan already outdated after budget deal
02/12 -  Donald Trump says the stock market made a "big mistake" by falling
02/12 -  Asheville playwright lampoons local politics in 'Mountain Political Action Committee'
02/11 -  "Our Cartoon President": That joke isn't funny anymore
02/11 -  Urban Institute slams NC Republicans for mistreatment of unemployed
02/11 -  Middle-aged whites are dying at an unprecedented rate in NC, an ECU study says
02/10 -  Big trouble: all of Japan's sumo wrestlers to be questioned as sport lurches into crisis
02/10 -  Pentobarbital found in Gravy Train dog food
02/10 -  Second WH official resigns over domestic abuse allegations
02/10 -  Trump 'rarely if ever' reads his daily intelligence briefing
02/09 -  Russians penetrated US voter systems, DHS cybersecurity chief reports
02/09 -  The futile quest to make Trumpism intellectually respectable
02/09 -  Four women kick of campaigns for NC senate
02/09 -  FEMA's astonishing failure to deliver food in Puerto Rico
02/08 -  Millenials and Generation X now largest groups of registered voters in NC
02/08 -  Fake news sharing in US is a rightwing thing, says study
02/08 -  US trade deficit in Trump's first year soars to 9-year high of $566 billion
02/08 -  Survey reveals slavery is so inadequately taught in schools that students don’t even understand it
02/07 -  NC has the worst gerrymander in US history. What else is new?
02/07 -  Can religion explain why Americans are so easily duped by fake news?
02/06 -  SCOTUS denies stay in Pennsylvania partisan gerrymandering case
02/06 -  GPS-based system could have prevented deadly train crash
02/06 -  Shootings now third leading cause of death for US children
02/06 -  David Crosby: Shared dislike for Trump could reunite Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
02/05 -  White House pulls nominee for top environmental role who called carbon dioxide the 'gas of life'
02/05 -  Courts, again, remind NC's GOP legislators of their proper place in wake of election cancellations
02/05 -  Russia intensifies airstrikes in Syria's Idlib
02/05 -  Nunes memo aims at Russia probe, backfires on Trump and GOP
02/04 -  Human remains found on Hill Street in Asheville
02/04 -  Mayan cities unearthed In Guatemala forest using lasers; culture far larger than thought
02/04 -  How Trump betrayed the intelligence community to save his own skin
02/04 -  NC's democracy was bad at the start of 2017; a year later it's worse
02/03 -  Ideological battles at UNC continue as board considers equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion report
02/03 -  John McCain says Trump is 'Doing Putin's job for him' by attacking the FBI
02/03 -  Devin Nunes admits he didn't view the underlying intelligence upon which his memo was based
02/03 -  California crops rot as immigration crackdown creates worker shortage
02/02 -  Michael Wolff goes on Twitter rampage after he's kicked off show for peddling Haley-Trump affair rumors
02/02 -  Judge strikes down Florida’s system for denying felons' voting rights
02/02 -  Appalachia deserves more than J. D. Vance
02/02 -  Democracy continues its disturbing retreat
02/01 -  Wake County principal responds to students' racially-charged social media posts
02/01 -  Schiff accuses Nunes of altering memo before sending to White House
02/01 -  Five blue states could determine who controls the house in 2018
02/01 -  You shouldn’t pay for Duke’s coal ash history