Mountain Area Information Network

As of February 1, 2014:

Rank in the US:

142,194 (Feb 1)

Rank in the world:

555,554 (Feb 1) (up 104,836 in last 3 months)

Bounce Rate

53.80% (Feb 1) (down 14 % re previous three months)

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who hit the web page, and then go somewhere else rather than 'clicking through' to a site within the web site. According to an article: "As a rule of thumb, a 50 percent bounce rate is average. If you surpass 60 percent, you should be concerned. If you're in excess of 80 percent, you've got a major problem." The lower the stickiness, the better off we are.

Daily Pageviews per Visitor

2.50 (Feb 1) (up 40 % re previous three months)

A pageview is each time a visitor views a page on your website, regardless of how many hits are generated. Pages are comprised of files. Every image in a page is a separate file. When a visitor looks at a page (a pageview), they may see numerous images, graphics, pictures etc. and generate multiple hits.

Daily Time on Site

2:51 minutes (Feb 1) (up 76 % re previous three months)

Time on site or visit duration can be an indication of the level of interest or involvement that a visitor has with the website. It is also a good indicator of the success of a campaign or other promotional activity that brings visitors to your website.

Search visits

These are the visitors that come to us via a search engine, as opposed to because they had us installed as a home page. THIS NUMBER IS VERY IMPORTANT.

35.40% (an increase of 51 % over the last three months)

Visits per month

169456 per month in January 2014


144104 in March 2013

5466 daily visits (average) in January.

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