Mapping Broadband in Western North Carolina

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I live in a fourth world portion of Lincoln county NC. There are near a 100+/- homes in this general area that do not have access to 'wired broadband'. The County Officials 'ARE WELL AWARE OF THIS PROBLEM' I have brought it to their attention in the past. There is a video of me at a County Meeting attempting to get answers from a County Manager which I never got. Open government LOL. The Lake front people are apparently a far better class of Citizens that seems to be our Commissions focus.

ATT will sell you a dial up service that wont stay connected long enough to do the required system updates to keep your PC OS, other software, and Security up to date. They charge you each month additional fees supposedly to maintain and improve their wires but the lake comes first (So it seems).

There is no DSL or Cable available, nor are there any wireless options here that are 'reliable'. Cell phones work here sometimes it depends on the mood of the RF gods.

I am using Hughes Net and am thankful for it being available. After taxes connectivity fees this fee and that fee it costs right at $80 a month for 12.7 GB (close estimate) Up and download. You are allowed 425 MB a day between 7Am and 2 AM.

If you exceed that you can wait 24 Hours or use a token (Some are free (1 per month it seems) and others you BUY and they ARE Pricey) to restore and get another 425MB allowance. Between 2AM and 7 AM as near as I can tell it is unlimited. Because of this I have to keep my updates off and update in the middle of the night.

There is no phone option or TV (Not that I want TV). They advertise at 1.66 download speed. The speed test I just finished came in at .64 down and .18 up. I will say that in the past their customer service (CS) was good.

It seems they may have recently changed their CS and are pushing their new 4G plans (Faster Up and Down loads LESS Fair access Allowance same price). It seems their CS for the old system is waning some as they are pushing to sell their new package, sell all new equipment and get another 2 year contract. When it rains, or snows and or is cloudy you loose connection quite often (seems to be more frequent as they promote their new system.

I have never had DSL but I did use Charter Cable at a previous locations. The cable worked very well for the most part but as it was the Hughes Net CS is far better. One main things between 'wired, wireless, and satellite' is the up and down load allowances. The wired systems seem to allow far more.

I would like to possibly seek some education online, and maybe try a small internet business. It is not practical using a 'wireless or satellite' connection because of the up and download limits. I have communicated with my Fed Rep in the House, and tried to contact my Fed Senator (I am a small person and don't have the funds necessary to get is attention it seems), State Officials of all kinds to be given a speech and a request for support (campaign donations etc.) in a lot of cases, and the local Board of Commissioners.

None of them seem to be concerned with the 4th world portions of Lincoln county (and I am sure other similar areas in the State).

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