Mountain Area Information Network

Save $$: Tell a friend about MAIN

Did you know, if you tell a friend about MAIN and they sign up for a wireless, dial-up, or web hosting account, you receive two free months of service? It's true!

As providers like AT&T drastically increase their dial-up prices, your friends deserve an alternative. (And like you, your friends will enjoy the strictest privacy protection in the ISP industry.)

Make sure your friends write on their application forms that you're the one that referred them, and we'll extend your billing date by two months for each new account. Sign up as many friends as you like; there's no limit!

Of course, your referrals must be first-time MAIN subscribers, and your name MUST appear on the application form as the referrer (no after-the-fact notification can be accepted).

If you like, fill out the short form below to send your friends a MAIN brochure via email.

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