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Whether your web site is for business, personal or community use, MAIN strives to make it easy to set up your own cozy corner on the often-chaotic World Wide Web. We offer a comprehensive package of services at very competitive rates, with special discounts for our fellow non-profit organizations. Unlike some "discount" web hosting services, we won't bombard your visitors with pop-up ads or require any special links on your pages.

Our customer service and technical experts are happy to give you as much help and attention as you need, and because we're based right here in WNC, you'll know your Web hosting dollars are staying in the local economy and helping support MAIN's community projects.

We're grateful for and proud of the support we receive from our clients. Take a look at some of the reasons people from throughout WNC are hosting their Web sites with MAIN. Read more about our web hosting services, or call (828) 255-0182 or (866) 962-6246 toll-free.


Hospice of Yancey County has been a customer of Main for several years. During the past two and half years we have been priviledged to have wireless internet provided by Main. It is fantastic! Main has given us excellent service during this time and I would highly recommend Main's wireless internet to anyone who can receive it. We have had very few problems even during inclement weather and severe storms (to my surprise!). When we have had a couple of minor problems Main's service personnel were very responsive and assisted us as quickly as possible. Main is also very good about forwarning you of outages due to maintenance. Main's wireless internet and email service as second to none in our area. They make our work communicating with providers very easy and comfortable. I high recommend Main to anyone who needs a very reliable internet or email source. For a personal recommendation you may email me at or call me at 828 682 9675.

Eddie Faw
Executive Director
Hospice of Yancey County

I am a new subscriber to MAIN and have contracted to have a website for my new evolving nonprofit organization (which sounds big but so far it is just me and my-elbow typing grease-self) on your ISP. I have registered for my personal email account with MAIN, for the domain based one, and have looked at and printed out many of the help pages on various things including getting an FTP program etc from your website.

I had thought things would be a lot more murky and hard, that I would have to trot off to Barnes and Noble and buy a book or two to get me up to speed and I was WRONG. Your helps are very well done... I am having fun teaching myself all this stuff and your website is very well done, very clear, well laid out, easy to find stuff etc.

Thanks again!

Frank M.

Thank you, MAIN, for providing low cost web hosting that acts like the most expensive service! We enjoy the ease of maintaining our site and its mailing lists and appreciate your quick responses when we have a question.

Moving our site to MAIN was a snap because you folks held my hand through the change over. I previously dealt with techies who, it seemed, were there only to impress me with their tech-talk. The support folks at MAIN speak plain, understandable English!

Thanks for making my job easier!

Western North Carolina Quilters Guild

I manage several non-profit and small business web sites on a volunteer basis. MAIN was in our county with ISP services when no other ISP with local telephone service was available. MAIN's costs have always been reasonable and their systems are easy to use.

Most of all I have been impressed with the help they have given me over many years. The organizational policy seems to be that they want to get me in touch with the right staff person for the problem I have (usually my problem, not their's.) Then they respond quickly and with the proper information.

I have probably presented the MAIN Staff with one of their most distant challenges. While traveling in Australia for an extended period, I purchased ISP service from a local vendor there. I wanted to access my MAIN facilities, but this was a time when the first big denial of service attacks were being made in this country. MAIN had instituted some security checks and policies that made my access from that point in the world suspect. A few emails to MAIN staff and some security hoops to jump through and I was back in business.

MAIN has been essential for the economic development of our rural community and I will continue to use them to host the web sites I develop.

Bob Dixon
Hot Springs, NC

In the years since the initial installation of my nonprofit, educational web site, I cannot recall when the FTP connection failed. I cannot recall a time when a MAIN volunteer did not respond, in a timely and courteous fashion, to my inquiries. My site is exactly the way I write the HTML. I have no complaints and have been quite satisfied with the success of the site.

Quite frankly, I have no complaints about the cost even though I am funding my own site. MAIN staff and the volunteers are performing an excellent service and enabling people like myself to communicate to thousands in all parts of the world.

Ann Wilder

Low profile and lack of commercial content, a big plus with me. Consistent pricing, involvement when things happen (i.e. when you go down we know why), and your positive community orientation keep you tops as ISP on my computer.

Your pull for diverse voices in all communication mediums strikes a positive chord by me. Your lack of overt politicking, which doesn't keep you from letting us know of pending changes in this medium and others, also a positive.

All this and more, puts us all deeper in your debt.

Ben Fishback
Cold Mountain

Learn more about our web hosting services, or call (828) 255-0182 or (866) 962-6246 toll-free.

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