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2/09 - NEW Sanders is very dependent on the most infrequent voters
2/09 - NEW Michigan lawmakers renew 'sodomy' law, making all non-reproductive sex illegal
2/09 - NEW CIA veteran says intelligent people know US empire is declinining
2/09 - NEW Sen. Curtis (R-NC) says no regrets about harsh emails to teacher about no pay raise
2/08 - NEW Research shows that vegetarianism linked to poorer health outcomes
2/08 - Fox News host says liberals are using Flint water crisis, Zika virus to scare people
2/08 - Chemical used in antibacterial soaps impairs muscle function
2/07 - BREAKING: Despite controversy over deflated football, Team Ruff wins Puppy Bowl after unprecedented double touchdown
2/07 - Ten reasons to watch the Puppy Bowl today instead of the Super Bowl
2/07 - Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel peace prize
2/07 - Madeline Albright: There's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other
2/07 - Gloria Steinem: Young women support Sanders to attract men
2/06 - Poor bearing NC GOP's refusal to expand Medicaid health insurance to 500,000 residents
2/06 - New evidence that 'voter ID' laws skew democracy in favor of white Republicans
2/06 - The Nation: Why does Hillary Clinton keep praising Henry Kissinger?
2/06 - BREAKING: Federal court strikes down NC congressional district maps
2/05 - Many layoffs in NC in 2016 so far
2/05 - State health plan to delay discussion of controversial cuts
2/05 - Eastern Band of Cherokee will not display 'In God We Trust' on tribal building
2/05 - Powell, Rice received sensitive info through private emails
2/04 - Coffee pod machine and pod sales decline as economy improves as tastes change
2/04 - Scientists in Germany take a major step toward controlled nuclear fusion
2/04 - Mark Meadows (R-NC, 11th District) endorses Ted Cruz
2/04 - Legionnaire's Disease in Flint linked to water supply problems
2/03 - Democrats seeking aid for Flint through bipartisan energy bill
2/03 - Diversity low among NC charter schools
2/03 - School accused of genetic discrimination after barring student for his DNA
2/03 - Generals say women should have to register for draft
2/02 - Duke Energy-funded 'advisory board' says ash basins are all low-risk, can be left in place
2/02 - WHO declares Zika virus global emergency
2/02 - Nigeria begins high-speed rail project; US still debating feasibility
2/02 - CDC unable to trace cause of outbreak at Chipotle
2/01 - Wind power increases substantially in 2015
2/01 - Koch brothers spent $400 million on right-wing political causes in 2015
2/01 - Controversial academic testifies for state in NC voter ID case
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