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Western North Carolina Community Calendar
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4/18 - NEW Army begins integrating women into platoon artillery jobs, with Fort Bragg as a first site
4/18 - NEW Same-sex couple files joint NC tax return to protest of ban on gay marriage
4/18 - NEW Obamacare insurance premiums to rise less than expected
4/18 - NEW Housing is becoming less attainable for the middle class due to rising rents, home costs
4/16 - Obama claims GOP attempts to restrict voting rights for elderly, women, minorities and impoverished to cast ballots in swing states
4/16 - States crack down on for-profit colleges to protect students with loan debts
4/16 - Homeless Jesus statue in Davidson, NC receives both praise and scrutiny
4/15 - Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources finds possible link between seismic activity and fracking
4/15 - New CBO budget predictions for Obamacare for the 2015–2024 period: $104 billion less than the previous projections; it's working
4/15 - NRDC: With only 100 or so panthers still alive in Florida, EPA still considering oil-wastewater disposal well near prime habitat
4/15 - New NC tax code results in higher taxes for middle class, less revenues available for public works, more money for wealthy
4/14 - Latest voter suppression trick: Miami-Dade blocks voters standing in line from using bathroom
4/14 - WaPo: "Republicans kiss votes from women goodbye"
4/14 - Polling data says McCrory's approval ratings still "under water"
4/14 - Bureau of Labor Statistics: Economic recovery limited to high-income households
4/13 - National Hispanic University in CA to close in 2015
4/13 - Black Girl Travel, an international travel club, addresses criticism that it encourages black women to date men from other countries
4/13 - Jackson county teachers share views on NC education reform
4/13 - National Wildlife Federation report concludes wildlife is still being affected by BP oil spill of 2010
4/13 - Medicaid requires substance abuse treatment to the newly insured, but barriers remain that limit access
4/09 - Former actress from 'Star Trek: Voyager' and 'Star Trek: Nemesis' narrates new documentary that argues the sun revolves around the Earth
4/09 - Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma opens new $2-million center for veterans
4/09 - New dust bowl blows into southern Colorado after four years of drought
4/08 - Despite hysteria, little if any evidence of voter fraud in NC
4/08 - Healthcare reform brings coverage to millions of Americans; number of uninsured citizens reaches new low
4/08 - Democratic governors reluctant on marijuana legalization despite widespread public support
4/08 - American Civil Liberties Union investigates NC prisons for compliance with federal prison rape law
4/07 - NC ban on gay marriage my be overturned by Court of Appeals
4/07 - Kalamazoo, MI turns to free higher education as a way to revitalize community
4/07 - NC enacts law requiring marijuana grown in state to have tax stamps affixed; prior law struck down as double jeopardy
4/07 - NC receives 'B' from SPLC on teaching about civil rights; twenty states receive failing grades
4/06 - Search for missing plane reveals a world's oceans clogged with trash
4/06 - NC judge denies Duke Energy's motion to shield records on coal ash leaching into groundwater at 33 sites in the state
4/06 - Lumbee Supreme Court reduces sanctions against former Tribal Council Speaker Pearlean Revels
4/06 - Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals to consider same-sex marriage ban that could affect North Carolina's Amendment One
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