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8/02 - NEW The latest presidential polls, from
8/02 - NEW Egypt tells Elon Musk its pyramids were not built by aliens
8/02 - NEW Americans increasingly believe US is handling Coronavirus worse than other nations
8/02 - NEW US 19 in Nantahala Gorge reopens after Friday night mudslide
8/01 - Many Black, Latinx and poor Americans who needed relief the most never got a stimulus check
8/01 - Hurricane Isaias strengthens as North Carolina braces for impact
8/01 - Buncombe County moves to follow Asheville in making reparations
8/01 - Alan Dershowitz calls Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre a 'serial liar' while once again denying he ever had sex with her
7/31 - How much does Trump's threat to delay the election matter?
7/31 - Thursday night protest targets Asheville City Council, police funding
7/31 - The year of dark magical thinking: Trump's petty revenge fantasies have killed thousands
7/31 - How Jared Kushner’s secret testing plan "went poof into thin air"
7/30 - Buncombe County inmate dies of 'apparent suicide' says Sheriff's Office
7/30 - Senate GOP rejects pandemic food stamp aid while calling to double “three-martini lunch” deduction
7/30 - Sinkhole develops in parking lot of Asheville restaurant
7/30 - Trump suggests delaying election
7/29 - Cruelty is the point: The NC GOP's war on the poor & unemployed
7/29 - Buncombe County detainee dies after being found unresponsive
7/29 - Trump tries "dominating" the streets — but his utter incompetence gets in the way
7/29 - US officials: Russia behind spread of virus disinformation
7/28 - NCGA passes Covid-related elections bill with “deceitful” ID provision
7/28 - Trump changed tune about pandemic as aides said “our people” in red states are getting sick: report
7/28 - Deputy shot in Haywood County, suspect killed; Asheville Highway closed
7/28 - Republican senator deletes ad that made Jewish opponent’s nose bigger
7/27 - Foreign interference in 2020 election is already rampant
7/27 - Trump's national security adviser tests positive for coronavirus
7/27 - Rise and fall of a mini-Trump: With Florida a global epicenter, Ron DeSantis can shut up now
7/27 - Investigation underway after reports of shots fired in West Asheville
7/26 - Water cannons to the head: police disperse anti-Netanyahu protesters against regulations
7/26 - North Carolina ranks high when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions, one national study shows
7/26 - America's national greatness myths are shattering. Can they survive? Should they?
7/26 - Trump campaign manager says the polls are 'askew'
7/25 - Study finds right-wingers finds masks 'shameful,' 'sign of weakness'
7/25 - Trump in 'law and order' campaign to send federal agents to more U.S. cities
7/25 - One person killed, one person injured in motorcycle crash on Blue Ridge Parkway
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