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11/26 - NEW US futures and oil plunge as new Covid variant fears slam global markets
11/26 - NEW Is it vaccine resistant? What scientists know of new Covid variant
11/26 - NEW Man wanted in Asheville chase now in custody
11/26 - NEW State board revokes permits, licenses for Hendersonville funeral home
11/24 - China's disappearing ships: The latest headache for the global supply chain
11/24 - US hospitals prepare for influx of Covid patients as millions travel for Thanksgiving
11/24 - New interstate planned for middle of the state could bring key economic, safety benefits
11/24 - Candler man killed in accidental storage unit fire
11/23 - A tale of two pandemics: the true cost of Covid in the global south
11/23 - 'A difficult place, a time of opportunity:' UNC-CH dealing with exodus of top leaders
11/23 - Asheville homeless camp grows, little relief in sight from freezing conditions
11/23 - Seven from anti-vaxdoctors’ Covid conference fall sick within days
11/22 - About 80 thieves ransack Nordstrom store near San Francisco
11/22 - Protests against Covid rules and lockdowns erupt across Europe
11/22 - Waukesha Christmas parade: five dead and 40 injured after car speeds into crowd in Wisconsin
11/22 - Detectives investigating double homicide in Henderson Co.; person of interest in custody
11/21 - Police searching for passenger accused of running from Atlanta airport after gun discharged
11/21 - Another voter fraud accusation blows up in Republicans' faces
11/21 - Instability grips a weakened Europe as global predators smell blood
11/21 - 13 things tucked away in NC budget
11/20 - How climate change may shape the world in the centuries to come
11/20 - Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t convicted because, in America, white reasoning rules
11/20 - Lt. Gov. Robinson: Heterosexuals superior to homosexuals, who serve no purpose
11/20 - 'That's a lot for a day,' APD officer says of 4 overdoses in an hour
11/19 - Britain outlaws Palestinian militant group Hamas - interior minister
11/19 - House to vote on Build Back Better bill after Republican’s eight-hour speech
11/19 - Meadows slams McCarthy and suggests Trump should be elected speaker if Republicans win House
11/19 - 'This is very, very rare:' 2 dead within 2 hours in unrelated homicide cases, deputies say
11/18 - COP26: The truth behind the new climate change denial
11/18 - ‘Zero-Covid is not going to happen’: experts predict a steep rise in US cases this winter
11/18 - 'I went out screaming:' 15-year-old dog attacked by coyotes in Raleigh neighborhood
11/18 - Henderson County men caught in explosion dug their way out of basement, neighbor says
11/17 - Republican extremism offers a preview of possible new House majority
11/17 - Turns out, Harvard students aren’t that smart after all
11/17 - Crash involving train reported in downtown Dunn
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