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5/17 - NEW Abbott reaches deal with FDA to reopen baby formula plant linked to shortage
5/17 - NEW What is ‘great replacement’ theory and how did its racist lies spread in the US?
5/17 - NEW Trump asks NC voters to give Madison Cawthorn a 'second chance'
5/17 - NEW Commissioners considering plan that would conserve 20% of Buncombe County's acreage
5/16 - NEW Buffalo shooting suspect planned to continue rampage down street, police say
5/16 - NEW Elon Musk's 'hold' on Twitter deal triggers securities fraud concerns
5/16 - NEW Scrutiny of Republicans who embrace ‘great replacement theory’ after Buffalo massacre
5/16 - NEW Macon County road reopened after overnight landslide closes it for most of day
5/15 - Fights over school boards share ballot with North Carolina's Senate primary
5/15 - 10 dead in Buffalo supermarket attack police call hate crime
5/15 - Finland formally confirms intention to join Nato
5/15 - Hundreds take stance for abortion rights in 'Bans Off Our Bodies' rally in Hendersonville
5/14 - Russia takes losses in failed river crossing, officials say
5/14 - The Supreme Court and the end of the Democratic century
5/14 - Why fake accounts have become a sticking point in Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition
5/14 - Record high gas prices impacting WNC tourism areas; businesses seeing drop in customers
5/13 - Ukraine says Russia strikes hit schools as first war crime trial gets underway in Kyiv
5/13 - Alito’s draft opinion overturning Roe is still the only one circulated inside Supreme Court
5/13 - Senator Rand Paul single-handedly holds up $40bn US aid for Ukraine
5/13 - SRO on leave after physical altercation with elementary school student
5/12 - North Carolina is 2nd safest state from COVID despite recent upsurge, study says
5/12 - Why Finland, Sweden joining NATO will be big deal
5/12 - Finland's leaders say they are in favor of seeking NATO membership
5/12 - Data shows 21% increase in homelessness in Asheville as city contracts consultant
5/11 - Running Twitter may be much harder than Elon Musk thinks
5/11 - Democrats to force vote next week on Roe v. Wade decision
5/11 - Dump truck driver, school bus driver pinned in Charlotte crash, 15 children on board
5/11 - Employees found "asleep" and in possession of narcotics at Yancey assisted living facility
5/10 - Is there a culture of racism at Duke University?
5/10 - Climate limit of 1.5C close to being broken, scientists warn
5/10 - Fuel leaks, faulty stop signs: How the pandemic has impacted NC's school buses
5/10 - Unaffiliated voters account for almost half of Republican ballots cast so far in NC 11
5/09 - Former defense secretary Mark Esper: President Trump suggested shooting protesters, missile strikes in Mexico
5/09 - Putin blames the West for Ukraine war in ‘Victory Day’ speech
5/09 - Why are gas prices still going up?
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