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Hi All, 

Originally from Yancey County, I was born in the old clinic at Higgins, down on Cane River. I moved to Virginia when I was in the 4th grade and later returned to Yancey County and graduated from Cane River High School. I returned to Virginia and attended Computer Learning Center in Springfield Virginia for mainframe computer operations were I graduated with honors.  

I worked in computer operations for 5 or 6 years and then moved into programming. I have been programming on the AS/400 (iSeries), Mainframe (zSeries), and Oracle platforms for about 24 years using lots of software too numerous to list. I have had the pleasure (as a programmer/analyst contractor) to have worked in some very interesting IT shops and even got to live and work in Honolulu, Hawaii for an 18 month contract gig.    

I'm not a web designer by trade, I do this in my spare time and it is all volunteer work for MAIN. Send me an email ( and I will be more than happy to do adds, deletes, or updates for the MAIN Yancey County Website. The MAIN Yancey County Website is designed and maintained with Microsoft FrontPage. 

Currently I live in Mebane, NC and you can visit my personal website at      

Best Regards,

Richard (Rick) Silvers

My wife and I on the Starlet, Honolulu, Hawaii 


Our baby 

Cherokee Silvers 


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