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Kirk Lyons: Recent Activities

June 2010 edition, Intelligence Report "Church denomination roots out racism" Article by Sonia Scherr recounts the disruption in a small church in Black Mountain, NC when Kirk Lyons and his brother-in-law Neill Payne cause a major disruption. Also note the sidebar on right: "A denomination confronts its past"

August 18-24, 2004 edition, MountainXpress: "Between heritage and hate: The Sons of Confederate Veterans' internal battle rages on" Article by Jon Elliston recounts the infighting at the summer 2004 national convention of the Sons of Confederate Veterans; photo of Kirk Lyons and his quote, "Mere Klan membership should not be sufficient to remove a member."

February 18, 2004, Kirk Lyons Sanctioned Under Rule 11in Virginia  Va. Eastern District Court Judge fines Kirk Lyons $10,000 and his clients $27,550 under Rule 11

Spring 2003 edition, Intelligence Report: "Cashing in on the Confederacy" Indepth examination by the Southern Poverty Law Center of Kirk Lyons' Southern Legal Resource Center's "dismal record" in legal actions.  Article raises serious questions about quality of Lyons' legal work and truthfulness of his fundraising efforts.

February 13, 2003, Black Mountain (NC) News: "Attorney says FBI playing 'white supremacist' card" Lyons says it "offends me that anybody would think I would betray my country during time of war or anytime."
Also see WNCCEIB's February 19, 2003 letter-to-the-editor response to Lyons' statement about being offended.

Also see Kirk Lyons' March 12, 2003 response to WNCCEIB's letter

February 7, 2003, Kirk Lyons responds to news he is named in connection to espionage case. Arrested couple in Northwest tried to get classified documents to Kirk Lyons, according to indictment released in Spokane, Washington See original article in item below.

February 5, 2003, ABC NEWS: Kirk Lyons named but not indicted in espionage case. Arrested couple in Northwest tried to get classified documents to Kirk Lyons, according to indictment released in Spokane, Washington.

February 5, 2003, MTXPRESS: "Rebel Yell: Heritage fight heats up" Cover story about Kirk Lyons and the internal strife in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Also see WNCCEIB's February 19, 2003 letter-to-the-editor response to Lyons' statement in the article that "I have never claimed that I am a white separatist." and other statements.

Also see Lyons' February 26, 2003 unpublished response to WNCCEIB's 2/19/03 letter-to-the-editor

September 26--Oct. 2, 2002 weekly edition, Asheville Tribune: "The man behind the Rebel flag" Reporter Clint Parker interviews Kirk Lyons' colleague, H. K. Edgerton about his beliefs and activities; WNCCEIB is asked to comment

September 19, 2002, CNS NEWS: "Black Activist Proud to Defend His 'Southern Heritage'" Kirk Lyons' colleague, H. K. Edgerton announces 1200 mile march across the south

Aug 1, 2002, Associated Press: "Sons of Confederate Verteans reject lawyer with supremacist ties in voting for leadership position" Kirk Lyons loses bid for top office in Memphis Convention election

July 26, 2002    Kirk Lyons featured on CBS Evening News         Kirk Lyons' candidacy for Sons of Confederate Veterans top office characterized as "invasion" of heritage organization by white supremacist

Spring 2002 issue    Louis Beam, friend and best man at Kirk Lyons' wedding profiled in Southern Poverty Law Center's "Intelligence Report"     Lyons reveals his world view in the choice of a "best man,"Louis Beam, who has been a major national white supremacists since his days as the Grand Dragon of the Texas KKK; role of Beam's "friend" and Southern Legal Resource Center executive director Neill Payne also mentioned.
NOTE: Using link above, click on "Intelligence Report" then scroll down and click on "Firebrand"

February 14, 2002    U.S. District Court, Austin,Texas threatens to sanction Kirk D. Lyons         Kirk Lyons' suit over Confederate flag deemed not serious, flawed, and fpr publicity ; Lyons has three weeks to withdraw suit or be sanctioned

January 18, 2002    Kirk D. Lyons responds to "The Independent"--Cover Feature--See Jan. 16, 2002 Item below:         Kirk Lyons' attempt, through a Dixie-oriented web page, to deflect facts brought out about his past ; Lyons calls it a "smear campaign" by his opponent but does not deny any of The Independent's facts even as he tries to reinterpret them.

January 16, 2002    "The Independent"--Cover Feature--(Durham, NC):     "Uncivil War: A fight over heritage and hate is splitting the Sons of Confederate Veterans" by Jon Elliston     Kirk Lyons'effort to get elected to top SCV office causing controversy  

January 8, 2002 David Duke Praises Kirk Lyons and his work Just received video tape of April 22, 2000 American Friends of the British National Pary(BNP) meeting in Virginia; Duke and Lyons speak from same podium  

December 9, 2001 Associated Press:     "Confederate group fighting within ranks; Racism; Controversial lawyer wants to lead Sons of Confederate Veterans division" Kirk Lyons'dodges past associations and attacks Sons of Confederate Veterans' "bedwetters"  

December 5, 2001 NEW YORK TIMES     "Member's Racist Ties Split Confederate Legacy Group" Kirk Lyons'presence in Sons of Confederate Veterans(SCV) causing internal controversy; also see WNCCEIB's letter to the editor in response  

August 8, 2001     AP story on Kirk D. Lyons' Confederate flag case in Alabama Lyons tried to distance himself from his own past; Southern Poverty Law Center cuts through Lyons' fluff and calls him a 'white supremacist'  

Febuary 1, 2001     Kirk D. Lyons' Guest Column in Asheville Citizen-Times, "Boyle attack on Edgerton wasn't about free speech" Lyons lashes back at satirical column directed toward H.K.Edgerton, but does not address content of the column's point about slavery being the primary cause of the Civil War; Links available to John Boyle's original and follow-up columns on the issue. Also see photo of Lyons & SCV protesting Boyle's column in front of Asheville Citizen-Times building on Jan.24, 2001.  

October 21, 2000 Kirk D. Lyons' Rebuttal Full of Holes WNCCEIB analyses Kirk Lyons' rebuttal in the October 17, 2000 Asheville Citizen-Times  

October 17, 2000     "Responding to AC-T's 'Hate links to Lyons claimed' article"
    Guest Column by Kirk D. Lyons in the October 17, 2000 Asheville Citizen-Times

Sept. 18, 2000 Kirk D. Lyons linked to Hate Groups by     Southern Poverty Law Center Report  Asheville Citizens-Times 9/18/00

Summer 2000 "In the Lyons Den" Southern Poverty Law Center's full report on Kirk D. Lyons and the neo-Confederate movement (note: once there, scroll down and click on the "Intelligence Report" link)

May 28, 2000: Kirk Lyons, CAUSE veterans prominent in South Carolina Confederate flag controversy

1998-99: Kirk Lyons, H.K. Edgerton and 'the Asheville Fair Housing Coalition' With Updates

1998: Kirk Lyons mothballs CAUSE Foundation and creates Southern Legal Resource Center

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