Mountain Area Information Network


MAIN is currently offering up to 5 mb/s WiFi Internet in the following Asheville neighborhoods:

  • Ivy St./UNCA
  • Max St./S. Charlotte
  • Lenior St./Kenilworth
  • Haywood Rd./Westwood
  • Haywood Rd./Sandhill Rd.
  • Biltmore Ave./Charlotte St.
  • Joyner Ave./Riverview
  • Montford
  • Mount Clare
  • Livingston St.

Here's a map view. If you live in, or near, one of these neighborhoods and have a wireless card in your computer, you may be able to connect to MAIN’s wireless network today, with no installation necessary!

Rates: 20 min/day free, $1/hour, $9/week, $35/month

Simply choose the “View the Wireless Networks” option on your computer and look for MAIN-Asheville. If you see our network on your list, connect to it. When you open your web browser you will be directed to a splash page that will allow you to sign up for the plan of your choice.

This service is limited to one computer and includes minimal technical support from our help desk.

If you cannot connect to the existing network, we still may be able to provide high-speed service at your location with the installation of a small device. Please complete a wireless inquiry to begin this process.

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